Server Virtualization for Small Businesses

July 16th 2018

Server Virtualization for Small Businesses

In a world of technology that is continuously updating, we at SilverServers work to keep up with the latest trends and updates in what we do best. Among our many services, we manage high quality website hosting services in Kamloops, BC, Canada. We have been providing hosting services for 20 years and have seen many changes in the industry. Our dedicated servers and virtual machines (VMs) have been optimized to give you a fast platform to start with for your website. We see on the horizon that there may be changes coming again to the popularity of these methods of hosting a website and your business IT infrastructure - and we wanted to weigh in on how these changes might affect the small and medium businesses we most often work with.

While reading some articles on the future of server virtualization I find it interesting how so much of the information around this subject is focused on enterprise business. With over 20 years of service in the website hosting industry, 99% of the companies SilverServers supports fit into the small to medium business classes. It's not unusual for a small or mid sized business to require anything from light duty virtual machines to high performance dedicated servers (bare metal) as part of their business’s IT infrastructure. A lot of these companies may have their servers under their desk or in a make-shift server room in their building. More and more, companies are moving much of this type of infrastructure to a variety of third-party providers like SilverServers, Amazon, Azure, Google, etc. Much of the time the servers will become virtualized (VMs) and be hosted on a larger pool of high-performance servers (cloud) – but some of the time they will move to dedicated servers.

Some servers are well suited to being hosted as VMs while others may perform better and enjoy higher levels of security and customization as dedicated servers. Today new technologies are coming out such as containers and serverless computing which offer to reduce our reliance on dedicated operating systems (which require a lot of server resources). In situations where a VM or dedicated server may be allocated to perform one small task I can see how there could be huge reductions in RAM, storage and CPU resources needed. Certainly there are a lot of cases where this sounds attractive. In fact I can think of at least a half dozen situations where SilverServers currently has a whole series of VMs and dedicated servers that we may be able to replace by containers etc. For the most part, however, I think all businesses will still require solutions with a dedicated operating system that can handle a large variety of tasks within one system whether it's bare metal or cloud hosted. Rather than just jumping on the cloud or container bandwagon we prefer to take a good look at the needs of our customers and find a good balance between cloud and bare metal services that will be high performing, secure, and cost effective. Also, for us these services will be hosted within Canada to ensure data sovereignty.

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