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SilverServers Newsletter: March 2024

March 1st 2024

SilverServers Newsletter: March 2024

Welcome to the March 2024 edition of the SilverServers monthly newsletter! Catch up with what we’ve been up to during the past month.

CONTRACTOR Board Game In the News

Back in December, we launched a website for the board game, CONTRACTOR. Ken Flett, A Kamloops heavy equipment operator, designed the game decades ago. He recently began selling the game again, and in February, Castanet interviewed him to share his game’s interesting story. You can read the full story on Castanet’s website, at the link below! Then visit the CONTRACTOR website to learn more about the game and get a copy for yourself!

You can also follow CONTRACTOR’s active social media! Our social media team works hard to keep their Instagram page active and engaging. Check out the CONTRACTOR Instagram page today.

Website Launches

In February, we launched 2 new websites for Kamloops businesses. Click the links to visit them!

  • Acceptance Counselling Services: Whether you’re facing loss, stress, relationship challenges, illness, or other challenges, find a fresh perspective from Acceptance Counselling Services in Kamloops.
  • SGM Carpentry and Renovations: Specializing in interior and exterior carpentry for residential clients, SGM Carpentry’s goal is to provide personalized services that ensure your satisfaction every step of the way.

Watch for the launches of more Kamloops small business websites in coming months!

Tips and Advice in the SilverServers Blog

We wrote 3 new blog posts in the month of February, covering the topics of email support, search engine indexing, and getting testimonials. Explore them below:

  • Email Accounts, Aliases, and Distribution Lists: Dive into the essentials of email management with our latest guide on Email Accounts, Aliases, and Distribution Lists. Discover how to streamline your communication and organize your inbox more efficiently, enhancing personal and professional interactions.
  • Invite Google To Visit Your Website More Frequently: Boost your website's visibility with our expert insights on encouraging Google to index your site more regularly. Uncover practical strategies for increasing the frequency of Google's visits through quality content and consistent updates, a must-read for enhancing your SEO efforts.
  • Strategies to Collect Online Testimonials and Reviews for Your Business: Unlock the power of positive feedback with our insightful strategies for gathering online testimonials and reviews for your business. Learn how to effectively boost your digital presence and credibility, encouraging satisfied customers to share their experiences and enhance your brand's reputation.

Each month we aim to post a few articles with practical tips and advice for your SEO, marketing, and technical support.

Tip of the Month - Does Your Website Contact Form Work?

Don't let potential leads slip through the cracks by overlooking a crucial checkpoint - your website's contact form. Regularly verify that your form is functioning correctly. This is key to ensuring you're always open for business online. A non-working form can mean missed opportunities and valuable feedback. No matter how sure you are of your form’s software and connection, take a moment to test your form, ensuring that submissions are received promptly and accurately. This simple act can safeguard your lead generation process, keeping your business connected to its most important asset - your customers.

Thanks for catching up with our team at SilverServers. Reach out if you have any questions!

For past newsletters and tips of the month, visit the SilverServers News section of our blog!

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