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Website Portfolio

SilverServers is a company in Kamloops, British Columbia providing website development, custom website hosting, software, and search engine optimization to small and medium businesses all over the world.

As you peruse our portfolio of business websites, expect to be pleasantly surprised by the diversity of both our clients and their website designs. While the look and feel of each site may differ dramatically depending on the type of business, there are some underlying similarities.

Each website is built from the grassroots up by our coding experts to be fast, lightweight, friendly to visitors and search engines, and responsive to different screen sizes and orientations. Each website is custom designed by our in-house graphic designers and dynamic content creators to reflect the unique who, where, and what each business has to offer. We are thankful to our business clients, and we celebrate their diversity!

  • accounting/financial
  • agriculture
  • artists
  • authors/spiritual/healers
  • computer technology
  • engineering
  • fitness
  • guide/outfitter
  • health & wellness
  • historical/museum
  • home design & maintenance
  • industry/contracting
  • law
  • resource management
  • trades

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