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Our team at SilverServers Inc. has been involved in the Colocation industry since 1997, both as a customer and as a supplier. Our focus is on providing low-cost colocation with high-reliability and value so that even small and medium businesses can take advantage of having dedicated server resources.

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Often overlooked in favour of the Cloud buzzword, colocated servers can be a very cost-effective, secure and reliable resource for your business.

Combined with cloud services dedicated servers and virtualization equipment your scalability and redundancy can be greatly increased.



Today's go-to for everything from light backups to heavy processing, cloud services cover a wide range of needs and applications.

While cloud services can be very cost-effective for some uses, combining cloud services with dedicated colocated equipment can help keep your costs down while increasing your ability to secure and control your mission critical data and processes.

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    The 10,000 square foot building was designed as a Tier III secure facility for mission-critical communications equipment and is protected by rebar reinforced concrete cinder blocks and structural steel bracing.

    Our Kamloops location has high environmental stability which means an extremely low risk of natural disasters.

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    Kamloops has multiple environmentally friendly power sources and high capacity that will increase with the new power station currently in development.

    Our facility features full UPS and multiple generator fail-over capabilities.

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    Built with Security in mind, our data center has no windows, heavy-duty walls and high-strength reinforced steel doors.

    The building has a security system, 24/7 monitoring and is in the process of adding in additional security features.

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    As of 2018 we will be providing customers with multiple data carriers as we work on upgrades to provide full carrier-neutral connectivity options.

    We have the capability to handle very large data connections and support both IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.

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    There are currently 4 computer room air conditioning units (CRAC) in the building with capacity to add more to meet growing cooling demands.

    Our facility is monitored 24/7 using our own custom built monitoring solution to ensure that temperatures and humidity are optimal for server performance.

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    Whether you want to manage your own hardware or need someone to take care of it for you, with over 20 years of experience in utilizing and providing colocation services, the team at SilverServers is ready and willing to help.


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