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SilverServers is a Canadian Email Service provider of the Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite.

What is Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite?

Zimbra is a web-based email solution that is an alternative to Outlook, Apple Mail, or standard internet provider email accounts (ex. Shaw or Telus). It’s trusted and used all over the world by organizations like school districts, banks, technology companies, universities, cities, and more. Zimbra has the benefit of being web-based, which means it can be accessed by any device that is connected to the internet through a web browser!

As a provider of Zimbra’s email program, our email offerings are available on a sliding scale of features from small, 2GB inboxes with POP3 and IMAP support all the way to more advanced packages which include calendars, tagging, task lists, and more of the features you might see in common email programs.

Pricing for Email Services with SilverServers is straightforward, starting at an affordable $4/month (for the Standard package) with a $5 set up fee. The cost beyond the basic pricing is always affordable even as many other features and storage are added. If you need multiple accounts, ask about Bundle Pricing.


-Your email addresses will use your domain name, instead of the domain name of Outlook, Hotmail, Yahoo, Shaw, etc. This creates a much more professional look. (ex. instead of
-Although email is always accessible through a browser, you may connect it to 3rd-party email applications like Outlook, Apple Mail, or BlueMail so that you can use the inbox and features you’re used to!
-Our Kamloops-based support team is available to troubleshoot and work through any Zimbra issues you encounter.

Read some more articles from our team about the benefits of Email Service with SilverServers:
-5 Common Problems You Might Encounter with Free Email Services

Kamloops Data Center

SilverServers understands that some communications must stay on Canadian soil. All of our Zimbra email servers are located in Kamloops, BC at the Canshield Data Centre, keeping all data stored in Canada.

Zimbra Email Support

Our Email Support team occasionally writes support articles to help clients use Zimbra as effectively as possible in various situations. Check some of them out below! If you have any other questions, contact SilverServers by email or support ticket.

Zimbra Email Support Articles:
-How To Send Emails From a Different Email Address in Zimbra: Setting Up a Persona
-How To Customize Your View in Zimbra With View Modes
-How to Clear Space on your Zimbra/IMAP Account Quota when using programs like Outlook
-How To Backup Zimbra Email and Upload The Backup File Into Thunderbird For Offline Email Storage
-Email Accounts, Aliases, and Distribution Lists: Differences and Uses

Contact SilverServers today for individual and bundle pricing, features, and any other Zimbra Email questions!

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