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Discover Grassroots SEO

If you are wondering why your small business’ website can’t be found in Google Search, then you need to talk to the SEO experts here at SilverServers to learn how you can build your website’s authority in search engines and have a positive effect on rankings! We would like to introduce our affordable and technical-focused Search Engine Optimization solution to you.

Grassroots SEO - Planting seeds for a fertile crop

What is Search Engine Optimization?

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is in part the process of building or updating websites in such a way that they are easy for search engines to understand. When you create a website, Google, Bing, and other search engines will come to see what your website talks about so that they can determine what questions your website answers and what problems it solves. Since these Search Engines aren’t people, they don’t read the content on a website the same way we do! Our team of SEO experts keeps ourselves up-to-date on how these robots read and interpret the data on websites, then we apply that knowledge by writing code and text content in a way that they can understand.

How is SilverServers Different Than Other SEO Providers?

Unlike many other SEO providers we focus first and foremost on the technical side of SEO. Instead of only following popular practices, we find out what Google says they are looking for from a technical and site performance perspective and come up with ways to follow those requirements. By building high quality websites that meet the requirements of popular search engines, domains for small and medium businesses can have lasting authority and growing search presence in both their industry and service area.

What is the SilverServers Grassroots SEO Program?

The team at SilverServers knows the struggles and limitations business owners experience keeping their website up to date and full of quality content, so we created Grassroots to satisfy those requirements.

The program is elegant in its simplicity. Our team will help you set up the basic tools such as Google Analytics and Webmaster Tools, review your website with you, and recommend a course of action that is tailored to your goals. Once your website is running with our custom tools installed, we will work with you each month to help make sure the site is growing in the right direction. We will work on your site and report back to you each month with a review of what we found, what actions we recommend, and a plan for what to do next.

Who is this for?

Grassroots SEO is intended for small and medium businesses that have had little or no previous SEO work done and who would like to see their website show up in search results. Even if your business has had experience with SEO in the past, you can contact us to see if this program is a good fit for you! A great place to start is to get a Free Website Review from our team and read this article about how we can help different types of small businesses!

What will this cost?

This program starts for as little as $199 per month. For more information, please give us a call today at 1-236-425-4400 for a free, no obligation consultation.

Here are some FAQs and Helpful Articles about our Grassroots SEO Program:

Series about the relationship between SEO and Digital Marketing:

Similarities between Digital Marketing and Search Engine Optimization

Key Differences Between SEO and Digital Marketing

More to come in mid-2019...

Frequently Asked Questions about our Monthly SEO Reports:

How do I read the Google Analytics Data on my SEO Report?

What does mean in the Referral Traffic section of my SEO Report?

I've been told my SEO report is full of spam visitors! What does that mean?

For even more SEO tips and articles, check out our News page! We usually write new content every couple of weeks.

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