About SilverServers

SilverServers is a website development, SEO, and web hosting company in Kamloops, British Columbia that offers web solutions for small to medium businesses all over the world. We're a growing team of programmers, techs, musicians, and artists who like to be a part of our community and believe in helping businesses by doing websites right. If you're looking for a tech-first, grassroots approach to your website development and search engine optimization then you should give us a call.

Our History

The company that became SilverServers has been around since 1997. It has been part of the Kamloops tech community on a small scale since then, experiencing little changes with the needs of the tech industry over the years. In 1997, MBM Webcraft was started as a local web design and computer repair company. By 2003 it had become SilverServers. Along with web design we had built our own hosting system and control panel software to host websites. At that time SilverServers was a small, local business with mostly international clients. At one point there were clients in 22 countries all over the world! We worked for mostly international clients until around 2010, when we started building up more local business.

SilverServers Today

Now SilverServers works mostly with local companies. We continued with our custom built hosting system and web design until a big change around 2014. Around that time SEO became popular. Companies all over the place started advertising that they did SEO. Since our website code had always been written in a way that followed the standards of  lightweight and mobile friendly web development, we realized that we could do SEO in a way that was unique to the rest of the competition we knew of – we could focus on technology and building our own custom code first. That is what makes us different from almost everyone else.

Geek Scientists

'Tech first' means that we write website code that lives up to what Google and other search engines are looking for in a website. We are a team of computer enthusiasts who care about the 0's and 1's of a website before we ever consider looking at the graphic design. Because of this our websites are lightweight, mobile-friendly, and constantly being updated to keep up with the changing requirements of search engines. We like to make sure a website is running healthy and strong. Once we can see that happening, we get the needed help from our graphic designers. Because of this approach, you can be assured that we're selling you a website - rather than just a pretty graphic design to put online.

SEO Knowledge Centre

November 1st 2017

SEO Basics: Website Load Time,

SEO Basics: Website Load Time

The most important SEO tip for any website! Load time is your first impression and can be a barrier to conversions no matter how good your marketing plan is!

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October 23rd 2017

It is time to use an SSL certificate to secure your website,

It is time to use an SSL certificate to secure yo...

Have you noticed that visiting some websites brings up a warning about security? There's a greater push for all websites to use SSL Certificates to create a more secure internet. Find out what website owners need to know.

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October 4th 2017

What Is A Blog?,

What Is A Blog?

Bog, frog, blog? Those words sound the same, but a blog is different. SilverServers specializes in SEO and optimizing blogs for business websites. Read on about what a blog is and how to use it.

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September 8th 2017

How to Leverage Facebook to Boost Website Traffic When Your Website has No New Content,

How to Leverage Facebook to Boost Website Traffic...

When you don't have new content on your website to post to Facebook, then here are some tips from SilverServers to use existing content to leverage social media traffic.

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August 18th 2017

The Website Marketing Advantage,

The Website Marketing Advantage

Your website can be the most valuable, cost-effective marketing tool you have. Here's why!

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July 24th 2017

How To Write Your Website's About Us Page,

How To Write Your Website's About Us Page

Have you ever encountered an About Us page that doesn't answer any questions about the company you're researching? We see this often. Since it's an important page to both people and search engines, we decided to share some tips on how to write one.

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June 22nd 2017

Feeding Your Website Quality Content,

Feeding Your Website Quality Content

If your website were a person, you would want it to stay healthy so it could keep improving at its job. Regularly added, quality content is like the food that keeps a website healthy. Here are some tips.

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May 8th 2017

WordPress Developers Miss SEO Building Blocks,

WordPress Developers Miss SEO Building Blocks

If your website provider just mashes WordPress and plugins together to give you a solution, are they really developers at all? Are they hurting your domain authority and SEO?

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March 23rd 2017

Marketing Eggs in Marketing Baskets,

Marketing Eggs in Marketing Baskets

Would you ever hitch your business up to one marketing avenue? One that doesn't give you control over the future of your advertising and brand? Welcome to Facebook!

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