Paradigm Custom Content Management System

SilverServers offers responsive website design and search engine optimization to small and medium business in the Kamloops BC area and around the world. One of the most powerful tools we use to achieve success for our clients is our custom coded and feature-filled content management system called Paradigm.

Our GrassRoots clients gain access to our fully custom content management system Paradigm. Built from scratch with SEO in mind, Paradigm offers many tools that other CMS options do not. You can spend hours finding, installing and updating WordPress plugins that take care of just some of what our CMS system does automatically. Even if you find a cocktail of plugins that provide the many services Paradigm does, you're responsible for updating them and making sure they all work together without breaking. Nevermind the amount of code required by WordPress to support these options. Your website ends up loading enough resources to run 40 websites when you only need to run one.

Some of the features of Paradigm include:

- Full Open Graph meta support/automatic generation
- Automatic content interlinking system
- Automatic page redirect management
- Page templates and content versioning
- Automatic sitemap generation and submission
- Sophisticated anti-spam form generation without annoying captchas
- Built in error reporting direct to SilverServers' computer screens
- Powerful multi-category blog system

Paradigm gives you the ability to leverage all of your content into organic page authority without needing to know much of anything about SEO. When you combine these tools with extremely efficient and quality website code, Google has no choice but to start giving your website authority on its topics. So many times we see webpages that cost thousands of dollars launched and live without any meta descriptions or sitemaps. A sitemap might seem like a small piece of the puzzle for example, but when it comes to the constant content creation game the faster and more accurately Google can crawl your site can be the difference between making informed topic decisions and not.

GrassRoots provides small to medium businesses the ability to have a powerful, authoritative and easy to manage quality website. In addition to the platform, SilverServers works with you every month to continue to add moving, integral and effective content on your business and services. Give us a call today at 1-236-425-4400

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December 5th 2017

Mariposa Beach Suites and Resort

Mariposa Beach Suites and Resort

SilverServers develops websites all over the world that focus on search engine optimization but can still look great!

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December 4th 2017

Holman Plumbing & Water Treatment

Holman Plumbing & Water Treatment

The SilverServers team in Kamloops launched another great Grassroots SEO website! Check out Holman Plumbing & Water Treatment.

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November 28th 2017

SEO Basics: Website Visitor Quality or Quantity?

SEO Basics: Website Visitor Quality or Quantity?

Visitor numbers alone do not reflect your website's quality. You need to dig deeper!

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November 1st 2017

SEO Basics: Website Load Time

SEO Basics: Website Load Time

The most important SEO tip for any website! Load time is your first impression and can be a barrier to conversions no matter how good your marketing plan is!

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October 23rd 2017

It is time to use an SSL certificate to secure your website

It is time to use an SSL certificate to secure yo...

Have you noticed that visiting some websites brings up a warning about security? There's a greater push for all websites to use SSL Certificates to create a more secure internet. Find out what website owners need to know.

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October 4th 2017

What Is A Blog?

What Is A Blog?

Bog, frog, blog? Those words sound the same, but a blog is different. SilverServers specializes in SEO and optimizing blogs for business websites. Read on about what a blog is and how to use it.

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September 8th 2017

How to Leverage Facebook to Boost Website Traffic When Your Website has No New Content

How to Leverage Facebook to Boost Website Traffic...

When you don't have new content on your website to post to Facebook, then here are some tips from SilverServers to use existing content to leverage social media traffic.

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August 18th 2017

The Website Marketing Advantage

The Website Marketing Advantage

Your website can be the most valuable, cost-effective marketing tool you have. Here's why!

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July 24th 2017

How To Write Your Website's About Us Page

How To Write Your Website's About Us Page

Have you ever encountered an About Us page that doesn't answer any questions about the company you're researching? We see this often. Since it's an important page to both people and search engines, we decided to share some tips on how to write one.

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