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SEO Services for Small Business

We’re here to help your website grow its rankings in Google, the world’s #1 search engine. Hire SilverServers to make your SEO needs easy to manage - we will deal with the complex pieces for you.

For many years our team has increased search engine rankings for small business websites in Canada, USA, and the UK. Improve your regional and local SEO so you can compete with big names and build an online presence.

What Is SEO?

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the process of optimizing the technical, design, and content aspects of a website so that Google understands what your value is and what keywords you want to rank for. You might think of it like convincing Google that you’re a great business so Google can convince internet users that you’re a great business.

It’s a complex process that’s different for every industry and every location. With SilverServers, you won’t need to think about the complexity. We still need your input, but we can navigate the process and do the work for you!

Hire us for help or consulting with some or all of these SEO services:

Planning, Competitor Analysis, and Industry Analysis

SEO is different for every industry, location, and business. Start with an understanding of what you’re up against, then set goals and expectations for what you want to work towards. An experienced SEO consultant from SilverServers will provide you with feedback and a good foundation of information to start from as you work towards those goals.

Read about why planning for SEO success is important!

Keyword Research

Find out which keywords are relevant for your industry and location. Using a list of relevant keywords, we will find out how you’re already ranking. Then, we will work together to decide on which keywords to focus on. We recommend repeating this process regularly as you change, grow, and complete goals.

Here are some tools we use to find Keywords in Google!

Local SEO

Google values quality local businesses. Work towards outranking big brands in your city or work to expand your reach by keeping local SEO in mind. Our SEO consultants will suggest some of the best ways to build local rankings for your specific situation.

Consider how a local SEO approach would help your business grow!

On-Page Content Optimization

If you’re concerned that your existing page content isn’t getting Google’s attention, our SEO consultant will take a look! The SilverServers content writing team puts SEO first and will happily update content for you.

You may have heard of some of the tools we use to review and optimize content!

Technical SEO

The best place to start looking for optimization opportunities is within the code and tags that run your website. SilverServers has always had a “technical first” approach to SEO. This means that our SEO consultants have the technical skills to look under the hood of your website and find valuable opportunities for optimization.

In fact, we built from scratch our own optimized CMS platform called Paradigm.

Content Creation

Adding content on a regular basis is how you convince Google that your website is an authority on a topic. We will work with you to lay out and write articles that are readable, informative, and valuable — and also aimed at specific, researched keywords.

Use our Content Writing Services to improve your SEO!

Grassroots SEO Program

We can offer more than only one-time SEO services for websites that need ongoing support! Our Grassroots SEO Program is the ideal package for small business SEO. It provides you with our SEO consulting, reports, analysis, writing, and technical services on a continual basis. It also includes website management services according to your needs. We offer these services whether you use Wordpress, Wix, Squarespace, or our own Paradigm CMS.

Learn more about Grassroots SEO!

We’re a tech company that likes to do SEO from the ground up, in the way Google suggests. That means you can expect our efforts will provide a positive and evergreen impact on your website’s value. With a minimal amount of regular collaboration together, you will see your website grow towards its SEO goals.

Get Started with SEO Today

If you’re in the Kamloops area, ask us about a tour of our facility!

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