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Our Grassroots SEO program will help your website get noticed by Google, your target demographic and the world. With our custom, SEO-friendly content management system, we will turn your domain into the 24-hour-a-day salesperson you need it to be.

SilverServers designs custom websites that are lightweight, fast, and mobile friendy (responsive) in every modern browser. Book a free consultation to see how our design team can help you, whether it's a few tweaks, a refresh of an old site or a new platform from the brand up.

Our custom built hosting system allows us to be in complete control and run our servers to give you the high speed and SEO friendly environment you need. SilverServers also offers human technical support by people who will remember your name.

Whether you need our widely used, in-house built, and SEO optimized content management system or another piece of custom software, our team can create it and seamlessly integrate it into your website.

Welcome to SilverServers

For over 20 years, SilverServers has been providing website solutions to small and medium businesses within Kamloops, British Columbia and around the world. Our office, machines and data reside in Canada and are built and maintained entirely by our innovative team. Our skilled developers and writers are happy to offer custom web development, search engine optimization, hosting, graphic design, content writing services, software development and more.

Custom Web Development

• Responsive design that automatically scales content to be displayed on all devices.
• Industry compliant HTML and CSS code that optimizes websites with users and search engines.
• Research and Development are ongoing by a team of web development experts.
• Site, Security, Content and Analytics are reviewed regularly.

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Grassroots SEO program combines a technical focus with ongoing quality content addition to search engine requirements
• Designed to build website authority and positively affect search rankings in local Kamloops SEO environments or around the world
• Our Kamloops SEO experts keep up-to-date on how search engines read & interpret data, and provide clients with a monthly SEO report.
• Informative and easy to read Free Website Review.

Domain and Web Hosting in British Columbia

• Managed or self service domain registration and management.
Website hosting services on custom built server virtualization hardware hosted in Kamloops BC.
• Colocation that is affordable and reliable.

Website Design

• In-house Graphic Designers create eye-catching and professional designs.
• Work with SEO experts to optimize design for users and search engines.
• Design is responsive -> changes and adapts with size & orientation of device.
• Design is mobile-friendly -> quick to load and easy to use on tablets and smartphones.
• Our designers can work with your ideas or create custom designs from scratch.

Content Writing Services

• Deliver high-quality content to website visitors that educates & empowers.
• Work with SEO experts to optimize content for users and search engines.
• Dedicated content writers can provide regular blog posts to more comprehensive presentations.
• Light, Basic, Medium, and Advanced content packages.

Software Development

Custom Web App Software development to meet your specific business needs.
• Concerns about privacy and security resolved by custom built software rather than insecure, third party WordPress plugins
• Committed to building highly efficient & effective website software and applications for ourselves and our clients.

The SilverServers team is a pool of innovative thinkers and doers who work as a cohesive group, with most located in Kamloops, British Columbia and others working remotely from around the world.

With a unique combination of technical and creative focus, our staff continually strives to better serve our business clients, by keeping pace within an industry that changes daily. This allows us to give you high-quality services and custom website solutions that are affordable and backed by entrepreneurs who understand and care about your business success. Contact us today to put us to work optimizing your business' online footprint.

SEO Knowledge Centre
September 26th 2022
Comparing the Online Marketing Services of SilverServers and Yellow Pages
Comparing the Online Marketing Services of SilverServers and Yellow Pages

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August 31st 2022
SilverServers September 2022 Newsletter
SilverServers September 2022 Newsletter

Get updates on how to access SilverServers during Lorne Street's construction, find our tip of the month, learn about our new tools and services (like our QR code generator,,and more in our September newsletter!

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August 26th 2022
5 Effective Regional SEO Tips for BC Small Business Websites
5 Effective Regional SEO Tips for BC Small Business Websites

With these expert Regional SEO tips, improve your BC small business website so you can begin working to outrank big, non-local companies in your town, city, or regional service area.

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July 28th 2022
SilverServers August 2022 Newsletter
SilverServers August 2022 Newsletter

Find out how to access SilverServers through the construction on Lorne St, the effects of our blog layout changes, and where to find How To videos for our Paradigm CMS! Welcome to the August Newsletter.

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July 27th 2022
Mickael Maddison
Mickael Maddison

Meet the CEO and President of SilverServers!

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June 27th 2022
SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter
SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter

Learn about our colocation services, our new Staff page, and more! Welcome to the July Newsletter for SilverServers.

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June 22nd 2022
Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients
Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

Consider these 6 reasons why you should slow down the load time of your website to convert more clients.

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June 2nd 2022
What Is No-Code?
What Is No-Code?

A no code development environment may be an attractive option for your next idea or project. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of no-code from the SilverServers web design and development team.

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June 1st 2022
Saibal Roy Chowdhury
Saibal Roy Chowdhury

Saibal is part of the development team at SilverServers, providing HTML and CSS programming for client websites.

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