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Internet Marketing and Website Services

SilverServers is known in Kamloops and across Canada and for our skilled team of internet marketing and website professionals. Company president Mickael Maddison has been providing his technical skills for over 25 years while training a talented team of website and digital marketing experts. Together, his team has provided internet marketing and website services to small and medium business clients all over the world.

More than just an internet marketing company

With a focus on tech-first, we like to build all of our services and tools from the ground-up. Operating out of the Kamloops Data Centre, we provide various data centre services in addition to our digital marketing services. Direct access to our servers and the hardware that our client websites run on gives us the ability to provide speed, optimization, and technical proficiency that our competitors can’t match.

Our digital marketing services are built on the base of our extensive technical knowledge. It likely won’t take more than a tour of our facility or meeting our team to see that our expertise goes much deeper than most digital marketing agencies.

Why Choose SilverServers?

-Over 25 years of experience in website services
-Direct access to every level of digital services = a unique ability to solve problems and meet needs that many providers cannot
-A strong understanding of how the internet and digital marketing work together
-Custom website services options, as well as common options like Wordpress or Wix
-Flexibility to adapt our digital marketing services to you

Here is our list of Internet Marketing and Website Services:

Get started by contacting us today!


Talk with a digital marketing consultant about your website, seo, design, social media, ads, and more. Business marketing consultation as well. We consult for businesses that are new, old, large, or small.

Learn more about Digital Marketing Consultant Services

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Optimize your website to be listed among competitive ranking positions in your industry and service area. Access our SEO consulting services from SEO specialists. Get website reviews, advice, support, and more.

Rank better with professional SEO Services

Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Strategically research and pay for ads that will bring traffic to your website. Meet with a search engine marketing consultant to get good value from your advertising budget.

Immediately boost your presence with paid Google Ads

Social Media Management (SMM)

Be seen on social media platforms including Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn. Let our social media management team build up your active and engaging social media presence.

Get seen on social media!

Content Writing Services

Show your expertise and culture to visitors and search engines with well-written content that highlights your authority and value. Our content writing team can write on an as-needed basis or on a regular schedule for pages, articles, and more!

See Content Writing Services Details

Website Design

Dress to impress with a professional, creative, and modern website design that visually communicates the quality of your services. Our graphic design team will work to design a website that fits within your budget.

Craft a functional and modern website for your small business

Website Development

Create functionality and add practical features to your website. We take your website design or feature ideas and turn them into working pieces of your website. Website technology is our specialty!

Get a website development quote

Website Management

Let our experts take over your website management tasks - including keeping SSL certificates up-to-date. We work with Wix, Wordpress, Squarespace, and will consider any custom CMS. We also work with HTML and CSS websites that need trained hands to make changes.

Save time and increase productivity with website management services

Website Hosting

Host your website in Canada on servers that are optimized to load websites fast. We’re a Canadian web host able to host Worpress, Wix, other big names, and custom domains.

Host your website in Canada

Graphic Design for Web

Add new visuals to your website with digital design services. Create web graphics, add branding to photos, and more.

Start your website's graphic design project today

Logo Design

Make your brand identifiable anywhere you go. Create a strong, memorable logo that connects with your audience and communicates what your company does.

Book a logo design consultation.

Email Services

Use Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite - a web based email alternative to Outlook, Apple Mail, Gmail, or standard internet provider accounts. It’s trusted and used by government, educational, and financial organizations around the world!

Get Connected with Canadian Email Services

Software Development

Turn your idea into a useful tool for your organization or your website.

Domain Name Registration and Management Services

Let us manage and register your domain for you. We’re a Canadian domain management services provider.

Find the perfect domain name for .ca, .com, and more.

Data Centre Management

Get help managing the day-to-day operations of your data centre.


Colocate your servers at the hub of BC’s fibre highway, in the Kamloops Data Centre. Our 10,500 square foot facility is a well established Canadian colocation provider.

Colocate your server in Kamloops with SilverServers

Dedicated Servers

Use one of our dedicated servers for hosting your website, applications, games (including Minecraft),or backups. Our data centre is located in Kamloops, at the hub of BC’s fibre highway.

Cloud Services

Access your data from wherever you are with our Canadian cloud storage services.

Live Video Streaming

Stream videos reliably to your audience with streaming video hosting services. Live stream your auction, training, meeting, and more.

Promotional Products

Banners, billboard ads, business cards, signs, designs, and other promotional products.

Get started with our digital marketing services today! Ask about our bundled packages like the Grassroots SEO Program.

Upgrade Your Digital Presence Today!
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