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SilverServers is known in Kamloops and across Canada and for our skilled team of website development and hosting professionals.  Company president Mickael Maddison has been been providing his technical skills for over 18 years while training a talented team of website experts.   Together his team has produced websites and custom hosting solutions for clients of all shapes and sizes.

Contact us if you're looking for help in any of these areas:

Website Design and Development  - Responsive Design, Custom Content Management, Custom Web Programming Etc.

Website Hosting - Small sites through to sites that require more advanced features like custom virtualization or replication services.

Domain Names Registration and Management Services

Email Solutions - Everything from basic POP and IMAP services through to the powerful Zimbra Email Collaboration Suite.

SSL / TLS Certificates

Search Engine Optimization and Marketing

Content Creation and Content Management - When you want the experts to take care of your website for you.

Website and Business Consulting Services

Don't hesitate to give us a call.  We're happy to help!

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July 28th 2022

SilverServers August 2022 Newsletter

SilverServers August 2022 Newsletter

Find out how to access SilverServers through the construction on Lorne St, the effects of our blog layout changes, and where to find How To videos for our Paradigm CMS! Welcome to the August Newsletter.

Learn more about SilverServers August 2022 Newsletter

July 27th 2022

Mickael Maddison

Mickael Maddison

Meet the CEO and President of SilverServers!

Dig deeper into Mickael Maddison

June 27th 2022

SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter

SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter

Learn about our colocation services, our new Staff page, and more! Welcome to the July Newsletter for SilverServers.

Jump into SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter

June 22nd 2022

Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

Consider these 6 reasons why you should slow down the load time of your website to convert more clients.

See what SilverServers thinks about Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

June 2nd 2022

What Is No-Code?

What Is No-Code?

A no code development environment may be an attractive option for your next idea or project. Learn the advantages and disadvantages of no-code from the SilverServers web design and development team.

Dig deeper into What Is No-Code?

June 1st 2022

Saibal Roy Chowdhury

Saibal Roy Chowdhury

Saibal is part of the development team at SilverServers, providing HTML and CSS programming for client websites.

Find out as much as you can about Saibal Roy Chowdhury

May 31st 2022

Anirban Dutta

Anirban Dutta

Anirban is part of the development team at SilverServers. He typically provides HTML and CSS web development for client website designs.

Get better aquainted with Anirban Dutta

May 30th 2022

Emma Maddison

Emma Maddison

Meet the social media manager at SilverServers.

Jump into Emma Maddison

May 29th 2022

Matt Kutschera

Matt Kutschera

Matt is part of the development team at SilverServers. He's likely the specialist who works on technical aspects of your website most often!

Learn more about Matt Kutschera
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