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A few years ago, after realizing that popular CMS software like Wordpress was unruly to optimize for SEO, our team at SilverServers decided to design and build our own Content Management System (CMS). Thus, Paradigm was born. Built from scratch, we created software that was optimized by default for technical SEO and allowed users access to areas that most heavily affected content SEO. Additionally, it’s custom nature enables us to build requested additions and customizations directly into it without needing plugins.

Almost all of our Grassroots SEO Program clients have their websites built using Paradigm CMS. Many have found improvements to there SEO by little more than the technical optimization of the platform!

When you’re done reading the articles below, check out the Paradigm CMS page of our website to learn more about it.

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February 3rd 2021
Five Benefits of a Custom Content Management System (CMS)
Five Benefits of a Custom Content Management System (CMS)
February 3rd 2021

Because sometimes it's better to choose a CMS that does exactly, and only, what you need it to rather than an option that tries to be everything for everyone.

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