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SilverServers Newsletter: April 2024

April 1st 2024

SilverServers Newsletter: April 2024

Welcome to the April edition of the SilverServers newsletter! March was a busy month at SilverServers and the Kamloops data centre. Catch up with the team below!

First Completed Sensor Battery Test On Our New Code

We’ve been testing the battery capabilities of our temperature, pressure, and humidity sensors for several years. We’ve been impressed with how long the batteries have lasted! This month, the sensor we named “Vitality” was the first to finish its test when the battery died - after running for 978 days (2 years and 8 months). This was the first of our sensors to end its battery test on this version. The rest of our sensors are well beyond that number, and we want to see how long they run! We’re also excited to have our first data benchmark for how long we’ve been able to make batteries last in our sensors.

Vitality is up and running again with new batteries. It’s time for round 2 of testing!

Social Media Services

Our social media team grew a few months ago, and their influence and efforts continue to make a difference for more and more small business clients. Some notable successes this month included:

  • GO BOX Storage: Our website and SEO teams have been working with GO BOX storage for many years. Recently, we began helping them with their social media efforts. Head over to the GO BOX Storage Facebook page to check out what they’re doing in Kamloops. Give them a Like while you’re there!

  • Purple Kitten Store: This new baby clothing store opened up in Kamloops a few months ago, providing bamboo fabric baby clothing and other sensory-sensitive products for babies (and adults!) across Canada. The social media team was pleased with the success the Purple Kitten Store team experienced with a social media giveaway they helped run in March. That giveaway is over, but you can make sure you keep up to date with everything happening at the Purple Kitten Store’s Facebook and Instagram pages. Follow them there!

At the Data Centre

As part of our data centre services, we began the process of a large upgrade this month. The size of the project didn’t quite sink in until the gigantic spool of cable arrived on our doorstep. It took some effort for the team to get it into the building!

If you’re looking for colocation services on Canadian soil, give us a call in Kamloops!

Large Wire Spool Pulled by Mickael Large Wire Spool in Data Centre

March Website Launches

Website launches take up a notable amount of our time each month. This month, not only did we complete our thorough post-launch checks of the sites launched at the end of February, but we also checked, launched, and did our post-launch checks of 3 new websites! We’re excited about these launches:

  • Steinegg Cabinets: In Nelson, BC, Steinegg Cabinets offers high-quality millwork and woodwork services for residential, commercial, and architectural clients. As their banner says: With Swiss accuracy, they go the extra mile and strive for perfection. Explore the new website and dream of your cabinet needs.

  • Kinetic Realty & Property Management: We have enjoyed working with Eric and his team in Kamloops for several years - and were pleased to offer an upgrade to the design of their existing website. Kinetic Realty & Property Management specializes in professional strata management services in Kamloops. Check out their new website!

  • South Cariboo Elizabeth Fry Society: As another team we’ve enjoyed working with for many years, we were happy to upgrade the South Cariboo Elizabeth Fry Society’s website. With its fresh new look and some functionality upgrades, the site will be able to help the team serve the community of Ashcroft and many surrounding communities better than ever. Discover all the ways they help some smaller communities in BC.

Team Page Update

In early 2019, our development team started using AI tools to help them write code and provide technical support faster. Later, in 2023, ChatGPT’s tools took the world by storm, and so the SEO and content writing team also began integrating AI tools into their work. AI has changed the way we work at SilverServers and enabled us to better serve our clients. For fun, this month we decided to give the AI tools we use the staff questionnaire we give to all of our staff. It was fun to see its answers! We asked it to generate a name and an image of itself, then we posted it to the Staff page. Head over there to meet Aiden the AI.

Tip of the Month: Search Console is Fun

Recently, a member of our tech support team had an enlightening experience with Google Search Console after deciding to explore its capabilities on his long-standing personal website. Although his site was primarily built as a development platform for testing random ideas and programming experiments, and was never intended for business or SEO purposes, he was pleasantly surprised by the wealth of insights into user engagement that he had been completely unaware of. Exploring the various graphs and data, he found it both enjoyable and informative. Notably, he discovered that one of his pages, specifically the instructions for how to play an obscure, forgotten game, had achieved a first-page Google ranking - a detail that had previously gone unnoticed as the site’s SEO rankings had never been a consideration due to the site’s experimental nature. It will be fun for him to see how he can grow and change these rankings over time.

Every client on our SEO programs is connected to Google Search Console’s simple tools and is welcome to take a look at them. If you’ve never looked at your Search Console data, we encourage taking a quick look at it at least once. There are many benefits to seeing the data Google collects about visitors to your website who come from search engines - and if you like data, it’s a lot of fun digging through the well-designed system and all of its graphs.

To access Google Search Console, here are the steps:

  1. Visit
  2. Click the blue Start Now button
  3. Sign in to the Google account connected to your website’s data (if you're not already signed in)

If you’re one of our SEO clients and you’re unsure what account has access to your Search Console data, or if your data is under the SilverServers SEO account, send us an email and we can help!

Thanks for catching up with the SilverServers team!

For more newsletters with their tips of the month, visit the SilverServers News section of our blog! Otherwise, contact us if you have any questions.

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