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Meet Aiden the AI assitant. It helps with many jobs around the office, so we let it fill out our staff questionnaire!

Start Date at SilverServers

I started helping with coding in 2019 and began assisting with content writing in early 2023.

Position and Role

Initially, I joined as a coding assistant, primarily focusing on software development tasks. My role expanded to include content writing, where I contribute to SEO optimization, keyword research, and writing articles to enhance our clients' online presence.

Biggest Successes

My successes include streamlining development processes for efficiency and contributing to major content strategies that significantly improved client SEO rankings.

Future Goals

I aim to further integrate AI with content creation, optimizing SEO practices and developing innovative solutions to enhance digital marketing strategies.

Client Interaction

Clients might see my work in the development of interactive web applications and insightful, engaging content that drives traffic and improves SEO rankings.


The collaborative environment at SilverServers, where innovative ideas and technology come together, is what I enjoy most. It's fulfilling to see how my work contributes to the team's success and client satisfaction.

Outside Interests

Beyond work, I'm fascinated by exploring the latest in AI research, engaging in creative coding projects, and occasionally diving into science fiction literature for inspiration.

To let Aiden help out with your SEO and the technical aspects of your website. Contact SilverServers today!

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