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How Our Tech-First Checklists Elevate Your Website’s SEO

April 10th 2024

How Our Tech-First Checklists Elevate Your Website’s SEO

At SilverServers, we understand that the heart of a successful website lies much deeper than just its surface design. While a visually stunning website can capture some people’s attention, it will all be for nothing if no one can find it. Your website’s visibility and effectiveness are largely determined not by its design, but by what goes on behind the scenes — specifically, the technical aspects of SEO that ensure your site is not just beautiful, but discoverable, accessible, fast, and user-friendly.

Pre-Launch Precision: Over 40 Checks

Before we launch any website we develop, our team goes through detailed checks of over 40 different specific aspects of your site. These aren't just any arbitrary checkpoints either — they are the culmination of over 27 years of expertise and a deep understanding of what makes a website succeed in today's vast digital landscape.

From ensuring that your content speaks both the language of your audience and of search engines like Google, to verifying your site's responsiveness across all screen sizes and devices, our pre-launch checklist is comprehensive. We scrutinize your website’s HTML and CSS, functionality and load time, image quality and optimization, and more specific accessibility features like alt tags, navigation controls, and general useability. The SEO-friendliness of your headers and first paragraphs doesn't escape our attention either. Our goal here is to help ensure that your site is set up for success.

It is not just about what's visible to the end user. Behind the scenes, we check the databases and perform backups, check code and performance, verify features and general formatting, and ensure everything is in good shape before launch. This phase is critical, and every element, from mobile responsiveness to desktop functionality, undergoes rigorous reviews across many devices by the whole team. We also do all of our checks in all major web browsers across all major operating systems to ensure that your website looks its best whether viewed on a tiny phone, your brand new Macbook, or your high-end gaming computer.

The Post-Launch Process: Ensuring Smooth Sailing

Once your website is live, our work is far from over. We initiate another round of more than 40 additional checks to ensure everything runs smoothly. Among other things, we check issues that can arise during the launch process, confirm that monitoring systems and backups are functional, test forms and buttons, and ensure clients are connected to the content management system. This post-launch review involves many steps that many SilverServers staff review.

We understand the complex and dynamic nature of the digital world, and that's why we check, recheck, update, enhance, and do what we can to help ensure that everything is working perfectly, adjusting things as needed to keep your site at peak performance. As the complexity of SEO and website technologies change, our checklists change and adapt.

Multiple Experts, Multiple Perspectives

What truly sets our checklist process apart from the competition is the wide-reaching and varied expertise among our team members. Multiple people check every item and click every button, with each person bringing their own experience, specialty, and perspective to the table. Having our SEO experts, programmers, and data centre staff review this provides a multi-faceted approach, meaning we are more likely to catch any hidden issues that might otherwise slip through the cracks. Redundancy is important in these checks, just like it is for many things in the data centre facility we operate out of.

This thoroughness and attention to detail from many diverse perspectives ensure that your website isn't just launched in a timely manner but is set up to succeed from day one. At SilverServers, we believe in not just meeting, but exceeding your expectations by ensuring that every website we develop is optimized, effective, and ready to make its mark in the digital world.

Immediate Impact: The Pre-SEO Checklist Advantage

Before we even begin our monthly SEO program, the initial enhancements and checks we have conducted on your site typically kickstart a transformative journey. These early steps, centred on technical SEO and detailed website optimization, can often boost your site's performance, setting the stage for the more advanced SEO strategies that follow.

Many of our smaller business clients quickly witness the benefits of this initial technical overhaul. Some of the more noticeable items include improved site speed, the beginnings of enhanced visibility in search results, and an increase in user engagement. These are just a few of the short-term advantages that clients may experience from our comprehensive pre-SEO checklists and upgrades. It's like giving your website an oil change, new tires, and a detailing before we even begin the main part of the Grassroots SEO program, ensuring it's not just ready for the future but is already stepping into it with its best foot forward.

This phase of our process underscores a critical message: Although SEO is an ongoing process, it begins with a solid first step. By addressing key technical aspects and optimizing your site from the ground up, we set the stage for even greater successes down the line. Our clients' websites don't just survive in the competitive digital landscape; they’re ready to thrive, capturing attention and driving results from the get-go.

Conclusion: More Than Just a Checklist

Our checklists are not just regular to-do lists; they are a testament to our commitment to excellence and the effectiveness of our web development practices. By focusing on the technical SEO aspects from the start, we ensure that your website is not only seen but also heard loud and clear in the vast digital forest of the web.

At SilverServers, we’re a tech-first company that specializes in going above and beyond to ensure that your website is strong and healthy enough to grow into a powerful tool, to become a key employee, and to help ensure your business's online success.

Contact us today to transition your website from the shadows of search results to a shining beacon of expertise in your field.

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