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SilverServers Newsletter: February 2024

February 1st 2024

SilverServers Newsletter: February 2024

Welcome to the February newsletter! SilverServers has had a good start to the year with many new projects getting underway. Catch up with us here!

New Art and Trivia Hybrid Game

We’re pleased to share the launch of our new game, Triviart. As both a trivia game and a canvas for creating, you can test your general trivia knowledge and make pixel art. Begin playing by clicking a pixel on the canvas. You will be presented with a trivia question. Answer correctly, and you can select a new colour for your selected pixel. Answer incorrectly, and you will have to wait 5 minutes before clicking that pixel again.

No signing up or logging in is required. Simply visit the page and click a pixel!

Try Triviart now on your desktop or mobile device

SEO Audits

If you need an SEO Audit of your website, let us know! Hire us for an audit to have your website reviewed by our various teams involved in efforts that affect SEO. For great examples of how we work together to audit your website, explore our SEO Showdown series. Your audit will receive more personalized feedback and support than one of our showdowns, but from there, you can meet the team and understand what we typically look for on a website.

January Blog Updates

January’s blog posts provided valuable SEO and social media insights, including one old article that we updated significantly. Check them out:

  • Understanding The Importance of Managed Creative Control in SEO Contracts: We rewrote this article from the ground up to explain our strengths as website developers and our unique approach to website design. Our technical knowledge makes us a unique marketing and SEO company. We can optimize aspects of your website that most of our competitors can’t.

  • SEO Can’t Be Replaced By CRO In Digital Marketing: We explore the distinct roles of search engine optimization and conversion rate optimization, and explain the easy-to-miss differences and misconceptions about both. If you’re looking for marketing services, read this article before you start!

  • Reasons To Link From Social Media To Your Website: Have you wondered if it’s a good idea to make your website and social media work together? Find a list of reasons to bridge the gap between your social media presence and your website presence.

  • Fortifying Your Online Presence Beyond Social Media: Don’t get locked out of your social media castle. Read about a common social media horror story and how you can balance your digital strategy to avoid disasters for your small business.

Tip of the Month: Turn Your Phone Sideways For Photos You Want On Your Website

This month’s tip comes from the tech support team. Taking photos with your phone sideways is called “landscape orientation”. Although landscape orientation isn’t always ideal for social media, when you’re taking photos for your website, it gives us a lot more to work with. Here are some benefits to landscape oriented photos on your website:

  • Website Design Compatibility: Most website layouts are designed for widescreen monitors and devices, meaning they are wider than they are tall. Landscape photos fit more seamlessly into these designs, filling the screen more naturally and providing a better visual experience for the viewer.

  • Optimizations for Social Media and Search Engines: Landscape photos are generally more versatile for various digital platforms. They can be more easily resized or cropped as needed and for social media, and they often perform better in search engine results, as they fit better into the standard preview dimensions. Portrait photos (tall photos),in contrast, are challenging and time-consuming to adjust and fit into a typical website.

  • Professional Appearance: Landscape photos often look more professional and deliberate. Portrait photos (tall photos) give a casual or “snapshot” vibe, which works well for engagement in a social media environment but may not look professional on a website.

  • Wider Field of View: Landscape orientation naturally captures a wider field of view, which aligns better with how human eyes naturally see the world. Photos feel more spacious and natural in this orientation, which translates well to large desktop computer screens.

  • Better Composition Options: A wider frame allows more freedom to include more side-by-side elements in a photo. Team photos are a great example. Portrait-oriented team photos might work in a social media environment, but they’re difficult to place nicely on a website’s About page.

Thanks for joining us for the February newsletter! Reach out to learn more about our services.

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