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Business Technology Seminars

Welcome to SilverServers Inc.'s Small Business Technology Seminar Series! Our team of experienced tech professionals is excited to offer a series of interactive and informative seminars geared toward local business owners who want to learn more about using technology to support and grow their businesses.

Our seminars cover a range of topics, from the basics of creating a website for your small business to more advanced strategies for digital marketing and data analytics. We understand that not all business owners are tech experts, so our seminars are designed to be accessible and easy to follow, with plenty of opportunities for questions and discussion.

At SilverServers, we believe that technology can be a powerful tool for businesses of all sizes, and we're passionate about helping local entrepreneurs harness that power. Whether you're looking to improve your online presence, streamline your workflow, or better understand the latest productivity and accounting tools, our seminars have something for you.

Located in the heart of the beautiful Interior of British Columbia, we're proud to offer our seminars to local business owners throughout the region. With a focus on practical, hands-on learning, you'll come away from our seminars with concrete strategies and insights to apply to your business immediately.

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For more information on Chris Brock, the host of these seminars, please visit our Meet The Presenter showcase.

Some of our upcoming topics include:

  • Creating a Website for Your Small Business: Basics and Best Practices
  • Optimizing Your Website for Search Engines (SEO)
  • Social Media for Small Businesses: How to Avoid Common Mistakes
  • Tips and Tricks for Managing Your Business Email
  • Webpage Content Tips and Tricks
  • Webpage Conversion Content Guide
  • Understanding and Navigating the Google Suite of Tools
  • Creating and Managing a Successful Email Marketing Campaign
  • How to Conduct Market Research Online
  • How to Prepare Your Business for Artificial Intelligence
  • Top Productivity Tools for Small Business Owners

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