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SilverServers Newsletter: November 2023

November 1st 2023

SilverServers Newsletter: November 2023

Welcome to the November Newsletter! Read on to catch up with the team at SilverServers.

October has been a great month. It was busy, too! We launched the website of a new client, progressed significantly on the setup of a handful of new websites, started visually and technically upgrading a few aging websites, and learned more about the new and useful Google Analytics 4 tool.

Let’s look at what we accomplished and what our team has been up to.

Internal Traffic Filters

As mentioned in last month’s newsletter, during October we set up internal traffic filters in Google Analytics for all of our Grassroots SEO clients. We set up filters to ignore website visits when we access your website from our office here on Lorne Street. Your visits to your website are still tracked. If you believe that you or your office staff visit your website often enough to skew your Analytics traffic, please let us know and we can discuss adding a filter for your office’s traffic too.

Kamloops Data Centre Tours

We’re always giving visitors tours of the Kamloops Data Centre. However, in October, we had our first opportunity to provide a tour for a youth group in town. In addition to our typical tour, we set up some tables to show off and explain the internal pieces of a server. We enjoyed the experience and look forward to future opportunities to show our location to individuals and groups who are interested in what happens at a data centre!

Want a tour? Schedule one today.

Website Launch

October marked the launch of a new website for the young, local business, Purple Kitten Store. If you’re searching for clothes for your baby made with sensory sensitivity in mind, Purple Kitten Store is a local online shop you will want to explore! Their bamboo fabric products promise comfort and style for your baby.

Explore Bamboo Baby Products at Purple Kitten Store
If you like what you see, give them a like on Facebook!

Blog Updates

The Great Keyword Stuffing Feast

In our article for the Thanksgiving weekend, we sprinkled a dash of humour on our exploration of the outdated SEO practice of keyword stuffing. This delightful read serves up a feast of insights that might bring a chuckle to any reader familiar with modern SEO.

PDF Files Make Great Websites?

This was once the first article to grace the SilverServers blog. Originally penned in 2013, it was once very relevant. In 2023, however, most of it was outdated. We spent some time last month updating this article and making it relevant to the modern internet. Know someone with PDF files masquerading as web pages? Pass this article along!

SEO Showdown: Alberta Lawyers

Our latest SEO Showdown is worth the read for the puns alone. You’ll find more than a chuckle at our puns as you read though. We found top-ranking law firm and lawyer websites across Alberta, performed SEO analysis, and shared comments, insights, and tips for the winner and all law firms looking to improve their search engine presence.

11 Engaging Social Media Video Ideas for Retail Companies

Our social media team’s latest article aims to help retail companies improve their social media efforts. Explore these 11 possible video ideas and consider which platforms to post them to.

Tip of the Month - Use AI To Generate Temporary Images For Your Blog

Images in blog posts are highly recommended. They increase user engagement in many ways, but to put it simply, they just make blog posts look better.

Real images are undoubtedly the best option to use with your website’s blog posts. They’re genuine and establish a stronger connection with your audience - especially when recognizable faces and places connected to your business are highlighted. However, we often find that it’s common to have a blog post waiting to be uploaded and no image available to post with it. In those cases, we suggest considering an AI-generated image as an alternative - or at least a temporary alternative.

Over the past year, AI-generated content has become common in the workplace. Among the many improvements have been the significant steps AI-generated images have taken recently. With only a few minutes of work, quality images of almost any subject can be created with available tools. In some instances, those images are perfect to use as the main image of a blog post. In other cases, those images are very satisfactory to use temporarily in the absence of a real photo.

Let us know if you’d like to consider using an AI-generated image on your next blog post. They’re typically not ideal as a permanent solution, but they may help give your post some colour, keeping readers on your page longer, while you get around to taking a real-world photo to replace it.

For past newsletters and tips of the month, check out the SilverServers News category of our blog!

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