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SilverServers March 2023 Newsletter

March 2nd 2023

SilverServers March 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the SilverServers March Newsletter! With the promise of spring ahead of us, let’s take a look back at the February behind us.

A Shift for the Development Team

With a change to our development team (as mentioned last month) our day-to-day schedule has shifted slightly. Moving forward, our development team is less available than usual on Fridays. We’re all adjusting to that change and appreciate your patience as we re-align our workload with our new schedules.

IoT Sensors Project

We achieved another milestone in our IoT sensor project this month: the AA batteries on one of our test sensors finally died — after 491 days in operation! We’re very happy with that result. We’ll share more updates as other sensors achieve more milestones!

Website Launches

Here’s a website we were proud to launch in February:

Living Bridges Therapy Collective

Living Bridges Therapy Collective is a highly skilled team of counsellors and coaches in Kamloops who are looking to support clients to heal, feel supported, and build their own living bridge to a better future. We’ve been working with this team’s website since they launched as C&C Resources for Life. We’ve been honoured to be part of their growth and change to the new brand and website. Check out their new website by clicking below:

Click to explore Living Bridges Therapy Collective

We have more new websites in the works. Check back next month for updates!

New and Updated Content For You on the SilverServers Website

Updating our Services page has been a project on our to-do list for a while now. In February, we were able to get started with making changes! Our new layout for the Services page does a clearer job of showing all of our services. As we create the new layout and pages, we’re also able to clarify our website’s menu. It’s interesting to see our rankings go up as we go along! This is still a work in progress, but check out our Services page to see what we’ve accomplished so far!

If you think your website’s services pages could benefit from a refresh, please contact the SEO and Content Writing team! We will be happy to collaborate with you and improve your pages.

We also posted two new articles last month that you may want to check out:

SEO Showdown: SEO Services Spam Emails

In our recently created SEO Showdown blog category, we posted our second showdown. For these articles, we look at a handful of websites from a specific industry, score the websites like we would in one of our website reviews, then share useful SEO feedback about the website with the highest score. This time, we reviewed the websites of the SEO spammers we receive emails from the most often. See what an SEO review of a website includes as you read about the SEO Spammer Showdown here.

We Had A Surprisingly Articulate Conversation with an AI Chat Bot

As that title suggestions, we spent a morning chatting with ChatGPT, the AI chat bot that has been in the news recently. We discussed whether or not the chat bot was sentient. It was an insightful discussion! Dive in to read about conversation with ChatGPT!

Tip of the Month - Word Count on your Services Pages

Although Google doesn’t care about word count, it’s undeniable that there’s a correlation between word count and search engine rankings. Longer pages tend to rank higher. However, it’s the value built into that length, and not the length alone, that helps rankings.

When Google looks at a Services page, they’re looking for your value compared to every other company that’s trying to rank for the same keyword. They look for content that demonstrates that you have Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthiness on a topic (they call that “EAT content”). They want to see what you offer to a competitive industry. A page that properly demonstrates EAT content will need to be built over time, so why not start today?

If you want to work on ranking better for a specific service you offer, plan a consultation meeting with our SEO and Content Writing team. They will suggest — or help you discover for yourself — various ways you might add more value to your Services pages.

Thanks for reading! Check back next month for more tips and updates.

Read past newsletters, including the regular “Tip of the Month”, at the SilverServers News section of our blog!

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