Is Your Website Making Money? Why not?

March 3rd 2016

Is Your Website Making Money?  Why not?
As SilverServers provides website development and seo services we try to help our clients go from just having a website to actually using their website to grow their business. A lot of Kamloops businesses have websites that are poorly built using free systems like Wordpress or do-it-yourself website builders like those found at a lot of the bulk cheap hosting companies. Most business owners are looking to conserve as much cash as possible and think that the cheaper their website is to produce and maintain, the better it is for their bottom line. For most businesses this couldn't be further from the truth.

In the history of the world there has never been a more powerful marketing and communications tool than the internet. From a marketing perspective, what other type of world-wide advertising is there that is working for you 24hrs a day 365 days a year? If you buy a newspaper ad it can only share a tiny bit of information and is only good for the day it comes out in a limited geographical area. It can't display audio or video, it can't show all of your products and services with detailed information and take orders right then and there. Radio and TV ads lasts just enough time to entice your prospective customers to come by or give you a call or better yet to visit your website.

If you want your website to help you make more money, the first thing you need to do is think of what it is that you need your website to do. Do you need it to attract new prospects and convert them directly into online sales? Do you need it to support your other marketing activities? Do you need it to strengthen your branding and increase the confidence in your business? What about existing customers – can your website help you retain and enhance the relationship?

Once you have an idea what your website should do, you need to determine what the value of that is. If your goal is to attract customers to buy your products, find out what the average cost to attract that customer is. With tools like Google Adwords, Social Media and the ability to attract sales online, chances are very good that pretty much any business out there with a cheap or DIY website could benefit from hiring a professional service to help optimize their website and turn their website into a great marketing and sales tool.

At SilverServers – we can help your business get more out of your website with highly competitive and effective packages starting at just $100/month. Compare this with the cost of newspaper, radio or TV advertising and you'll see that there's a lot of value sitting there waiting for you. Just give us a call.
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