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Keywords - rank me number 1 please

August 24th 2016

Keywords - rank me number 1 please

Business owners in Kamloops often ask SilverServers Grassroots SEO experts how they can show up in the search engines for a long list of keywords. The truth is, search engine optimization is very complicated. There are many misunderstanding about how keywords work. Everyone thinks that their website should show up first. Search engines like Google have made it clear that in order to show up in high-ranking positions for keywords you will need to have a website that has good quality content that properly addresses the subject of the words and phrases you are targetting. The content has to be original, reasonably well written, and appealing to real people (not just robots!).

Having a list of industry keywords can be great as a long term guide for content writing opportunities but for most businesses you should work with your SEO guru and pick just a handful to start. Use that list to modify your website in the right places and make sure pages have actual paragraphs of writing that support your subject. Simply putting a list of words on your page is more likely to harm your rankings than it is to help them. Google, for example, has made it pretty clear that lists of keywords are not the correct way to get positive attention. It is better to have those keywords in a well written paragraph that tie into the overall topic of the website so that Google can see the relationship to your business. Exactly how this is done will depend on a lot of factors which is why it is best to work with experts. We can apply our wide-ranging research and experience using tools like Webmaster tools and Analytics to analyse your site and make recommendations and changes.

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