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The Website Marketing Advantage

August 18th 2017

The Website Marketing Advantage

To SilverServers, the ability to analyze your marketing data is one of the most important pieces of the business puzzle. To have accurate information about who has visited your business and why they did or did not use your services is priceless for informing you on what your next marketing step might be. Whether you have a small business in Kamloops or a Canadian/Worldwide corporation, efficiency in marketing can make or break your success. SilverServers believes that online, website focused marketing is the most powerful, cost-effective and safe way to get your business in front of public eyes. That's why we provide high quality responsive design and search engine optimization.

Traditional Marketing Provides Vague Data

When you think of traditional marketing, what comes to mind? Radio? Brochures and newspapers? TV commercials? Flashing neon signs? The choices and avenues that are used to spread the word about your services are plentiful. The money to pursue them is often not. While these long running options can definitely provide success, can they be tracked and tested/analyzed accurately? Do they provide solid information about the people who have viewed your marketing materials? Often this sort of content is impossible to collect. There is no accurate way to know any real demographic information about who has driven past your billboard. No real individualized content is available about the many eyes that have watched your TV commercial or ears that have heard your radio ad. Basic generalized numbers might be presented to you after the ad has run its course, but is that really valuable to the sales process? You rely on converted customers telling you that they saw your ad and responded to it even know for sure that the commercial was effective.

Imagine you run a basic hardware store. You're standing behind the counter and a new, previously unengaged customer walks in. You can now chat with them on a personal level and find out which products they need. Your first impression and sales tactics will likely determine whether anything is purchased. Of course price and quality are involved, but if this client doesn't buy into your attitude and approach they are unlikely to even learn about the price tag. If a visitor decides to walk out of your store without buying, how much information do you have to re-engage later? Short of them directly telling you, do you have any idea of why they left? Where they went instead? Imagine trying to keep track of this information for every person that comes in and out of your business.

Website Marketing Provides In-depth, Useful Analytics Data

Website based marketing can provide a large swath of useable, important demographic information about your potential customers. In most cases, if your website is setup and managed properly, you are able to review choice information about the people who have engaged with your website. Locational information, contact info, influx and outflux processes and many more pieces are easily captured and readily available for comparison. The exact interaction that pushed these customers through or away from your sales process can be tracked and compared. In many cases, how the customer learned of or found your website can also be attained.

All of this data can be used to intelligently and efficiently direct your next marketing move. The steps of your sales process that work can be immediately enhanced and pushed. The steps that do not work can be identified and suppressed quickly. You don't have to wait for ad contracts to run out to make a change, you can do it in direct reaction to real information. Your audience can be better defined and understood, and therefore marketed to directly. The amount of chance and risk for your return on marketing investment in your website is much much lower than a tradional marketing tactic. Learning and reacting to why your online marketing venture failed is much easier to achieve.

Imagine again that you're behind your hardware store counter. A new customer walks in, but this time you already know where they've come from and likely what they're after. You might even have information about how long they've been looking and the other prices they've been given. Imagine how much easier the sales conversations would be if you had that type of information about your customers. If that same person does not purchase anything, you get a large chunk of information about why they didn't and where they went after to help alter your next visitor's experience. Imagine also if that customer happily left behind their contact information so that you can pursue them later. Name and contact information as a sales lead is often a main 'deliverable' service that marketing teams provide, but your website just gathered it automatically from every prospect who visited.

Accurate and Cost-Effective Marketing

Done correctly, website marketing is the most accurate and cost-effective tactic available to small and medium business owners today. The ability to review and alter your practices based on large amounts of customer information is priceless and worth more than a TV ad. Your advertisting money will be intelligently spent with less risk and more return. Audiences can be directly targeted and their interactions compared. SilverServers' GrassRoots SEO program can be a great first step in providing these benefits to your website, at a fraction of the cost of even one radio ad per month. Stop throwing money away on archaic, blind risk-based marketing and start building your online sales process today with our help!

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