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Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

June 22nd 2022

Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

Most of us are familiar with the story of the tortoise and the hare. Hare is an arrogant character who often ridiculed the slow-moving Tortoise for his slow pace. One day, Tortoise challenged Hare to a race, and Hare accepted. Hare’s confidence in winning led him to take a nap in the middle of the race. When he woke up though, Tortoise had won!

This fable teaches that it’s more important to take your time and do it right than to rely on confidence in your unbeatable speed.

Good SEO teams often take on the characteristics of the Hare. They focus entirely on speed and never consider whether that speed is a benefit to the users of their website. A slower, Tortoise-like website may be better at winning clients. Here are 6 reasons why:

Restore Patience and Decrease Anxiety

We often hear about the fast pace of the world we live in. The effects of our fast-paced lives are proven to be detrimental to mental health and personal well-being. A website that takes up to 5 minutes to load is a reminder to step back, take a breath, and relax. It provides an opportunity to practice patience. Patient clients are happy clients. Their reward for their patience will be the privilege of interacting with your highly designed website. So, slow down your website - your clients will thank you.

Inspire Designers To Create a Stunning Masterpiece

Website designers are often held back from freely creating a pure artistic masterpiece of a website by the constraints of loading times. By removing that constraint, your employees will be able to create freely, adding the most high-quality auto playing content to your website in the most consumable way. Your happy employees will be proud of their work, and will be excited to share it with the world. Your website’s users won’t be able to look away.

Enable Connections With Family, Friends, and Coworkers

While your website loads, its users have a usable couple of minutes to scroll important social media accounts, phone their loved ones and tell them about the great website they’re about to experience, take a break with coworkers, or maybe even hold a short team huddle. They will appreciate the opportunity you’ve created for them to connect with the people around them, which will increase conversions

Provide Time for Thoughtful Decision-Making

Remove buyer’s remorse by allowing your users time to consider if they actually need your products or services. This will give your business a full list of clients who fully love what you offer. Your support phone calls will be much more positive and clients will be much more likely to provide word-of-mouth advertising for your products. Your clients will become an important and valuable piece of your marketing!

Help Users Maintain A Better Work-Life Balance

Similar to the point above, during your website’s load time, your users will have much more time to sit back and remember some of the phone calls they might need to make. Have they forgotten to pay a bill? Now you’ve given them a couple of minutes to do that! Have they been waiting for an opportunity to phone their insurance provider? Now they can sit on hold with their provider while waiting for your website to load - two birds with one stone! A slow website gifts its users with many opportunities to complete life’s tasks. What a blessing! They’ll surely thank you by quickly converting into a client.

Encourage Creativity on Loading Screens

Something the internet lacks is creative uses for loading screens. Perhaps a sidebar could pop up which automatically signs the user into their favourite social media account and scrolls it for them! Maybe a corner could be taken by a Skype call with a friend of their choice. The possibilities are endless. Loading screens are a blank canvas for creativity that your website’s users will absolutely love.

With this knowledge, we encourage you to start your journey to creating a slow website. A good load time for a slow website is anywhere between 2-5 minutes. If you can manage longer, we won’t argue with you.

Not convinced? If you would prefer that your potential clients can access your website as quickly as possible, then contact us at SilverServers today. We can give your website the speed and confidence of the Hare, with the follow-through and dedication of the Tortoise.

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