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Optimize your mobile website content or pay the price

November 23rd 2016

Optimize your mobile website content or pay the price

Providing Kamloops with website design and website development services, SilverServers is well known for their Grassroots SEO program. One of the most important aspects of what SilverServers provides as part of the website design process is a fully mobile-friendly responsive design that displays all of the content on your website. Now, more than ever this is a critical piece of the website design and development process as search engines such as Google are paying more and more attention to websites that have a fast mobile website.

It is surprising how many websites still do not properly utilize responsive design as well as the ones that don’t use it at all. Almost every day we come across local companies that have old websites design for the pre-mobile generation. We also see companies that have special “mobile versions” of their websites that typically show very little information and is often completely different than their full websites. What a lot of business owners have said to us is that their website looks fine on their tablets, phones or iPads so they figure that is good enough.

The truth is, there are more websites out there that need to be fixed than those that are doing fine. Even brand-new websites may seem to work fine on mobile devices but when a skilled tech looks over the code, page speed and overall search engine optimization of the website there are often critical issues that need to be addressed. These issues, left unattended, can alter which position your site shows up in on important search results.

It’s like driving your car around with a semi-flat tire. Driving around town it may not seem critical to get the tire pumped up right away but the longer you wait the more damage your tire has sustained. That critical moment when some guy cuts you off on the way to work and you have to quickly steer out of the way is also the moment when you need your tires to be in top shape. That low, worn tire could blow at exactly the wrong moment causing an accident that could otherwise have been avoided. This is effectively the same issue with a search engine.

In the short term, Google is not planning to drop their desktop scores in favour of mobile quite yet. The plan is that over time their search tool will begin to favour mobile-friendly results. Before this happens is the best time to prepare. Make sure you’re using Google Analytics and Webmaster tools to analyze your website data. Use other tools to test the quality of your code and your overall page loading times. If your website is too slow, not scoring close to 100% on mobile friendliness or there are other issues, now is the time to get these things taken care of.

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