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Kamloops Graphic Design with SilverServers

January 17th 2018

Kamloops Graphic Design with SilverServers

Our Graphic Design Story

SilverServers now has a graphic design team helping us design SEO-friendly websites, and it’s important to explain why this change is a big deal to us and how it can help your business! We have been building affordable and tech-friendly websites in Kamloops and around the world since 1997. As search engine optimization became more popular and required, we noticed that the industry was becoming dominated by graphic designers who charged high prices and didn't know how to get a website noticed by search engines. Many designs can even hamper a site's authority due to not including or providing basic required technical info to search engines. The Grassroots search engine optimization program was born so that we could start offering businesses well-coded, lightweight, and cost-friendly websites that search engines would pay attention to. We've proven many times that good code, regular checkups, and content authority will trump a pretty, image focused website every time in a Google search. Well... we're done proving our point, so we've hired a couple of fantastic graphic designers to join our team! Here are a few good reasons why this tech team believes graphic design will help your website.

The 10 Second Rule

Just like how a large number of people will leave a website that doesn't load in 3 seconds, even more will scroll past or click away from a website or page that doesn't follow the 10 second rule.

In graphic design, this rule essentially states that all of the important information on a page needs to grab your attention within 10 seconds. In our world of tweets, news feeds and Insta-everything, this concept is easy to understand but difficult to properly implement.

Knowing how people respond to visuals and how their eyes interpret them is required to meet this rule. Although most people can easily recognize good design from the bad, most of those people don't have the time, experience, or creativity to regularly create good designs that engage viewers in less than 10 seconds.

Directing A Viewer's Eyes

We've all been to a website or two where when we arrived, we didn't know where to look first. It's frustrating! Either there's too much information or not enough, and we don't know whether we're supposed to be learning something, feeling something, or buying something. A good graphic design fixes this.

Strategic use of things like colours, lines, headings, words, and fonts grab the attention of a viewer's eyes and lead them through all the needed information. If you need visitors to see something, feel something about it, then see the price tag, a good design will guide a visitor through all of that so extra information isn't even needed!

Although we are first and foremost a technical SEO company that believes in having text on a page, we highly value the ability of a designer to construct a visual journey in a small space that not even 1000 words could begin to tell.

Keep Your Look Consistent

Perhaps your company logo was one of those rare products of a rare moment of inspiration. It perfectly represents the colours and all-around feel and vibe of what you want associated with your company – yet you have no idea how you did it. We all have our moments when creativity strikes, however, it is much more difficult to keep developing your brand across your website and social media presence.

Graphic designers know how graphics work. They can take your little piece of inspiration and expand on it so that it can be put on a website that compliments it and makes it a perfect part of a complete whole. Every page of your website should have a similar look and feel – good design insures that people viewing your site will be navigating your information seemlessly and not getting hung up on design issues.

Increase Conversions with Graphic Design and SEO

Image is the first thing people see when they arrive on a website. Although good search engine optimization is what gets people to your website (and we're specialists at that),SEO isn't what gets people to like your website (but now we're specialists at that too).

When our Grassroots program started, its goal was to get small and medium businesses an affordable startup website that would begin getting the company traffic from search engines. Once the client's site starts getting good amounts of regular traffic, we would recommend ways to increase visitor engagement with the site so that more people would contact you or purchase from it. One of those methods is graphic design.

Good graphic design on a company's website creates trust in that company. When people trust your company, they are much more willing to read what you have to say and purchase what you have to offer. If a bit of good design will fit into your budget at some point in your website's lifetime, we would highly recommend it.

Now that we have graphic designers on our team, we can offer websites design that both get people to your site from search engines as well as getting people to like its look and feel confident in your company. We are excited to work with our new team and incorporate them into our process! Our Grassroots program will continue to be what it has always been, but now includes free design consultations to all current and future clients. Our valued customers can now learn what tweaks, changes, or complete redesigns their site can benefit from without looking anywhere else.

If you would like a free design consultation, visit our Contact page or give SilverServers a call at 1-236-425-4400.

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