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SilverServers Newsletter: December 2023

December 1st 2023

SilverServers Newsletter: December 2023

We may be patiently awaiting the arrival of snow here in Kamloops, but you no longer need to wait for your monthly SilverServers newsletter to arrive! Welcome to the December newsletter - the last you’ll ever receive in 2023!

Follow along for updates with our team and services, and discover our tip of the month.

Markdown to HTML Converter

Paradigm CMS has undergone remarkable evolution over the years, which is a testament to our commitment to continuous improvement and innovation. We've listened closely to our clients' feedback, and we understand the desire for enhanced control over text formatting. Excitingly, we're developing a brand new update to address this! While we're still fine-tuning this tool, and its integration into Paradigm CMS, we're thrilled to make a part of it available for public use:

Check out our Markdown to HTML Converter tool

Markdown is a common online tool that provides a user-friendly and intuitive way to format content without knowledge of HTML. To use our tool, simply paste or write your text content, then read the markdown guide to add plain text characters which tell the computer what formatting you want. Once your text has all your desired markdown added, click “Preview” to see if it’s correct, then click “Source” to turn it into HTML. Copy the HTML and paste it wherever HTML is required - including within a code editor window in Paradigm CMS.

Give it a try and let us know if you have any feedback!

Website Launches

We have many new and exciting websites nearing launch! Keep watching our newsletters in the new year for more launches of Kamloops small business websites. In November, we launched:

  • No Clog Today: This website is designed for the pipe replacement services (or repipe services) of NCT Plumbing in Fort Worth, Texas. Check it out to learn more about repipe services and to see how extra domains you might own can be repurposed to try and benefit your main website.

Visit No Clog Today, today!

SilverServers Blog Updates in November

In November we posted 3 new blog posts, listed below:

  • Mastering Law Firm SEO: Strategies for Success
    While reviewing Google’s data about our recent Alberta Lawyers SEO Showdown, we noticed that “law firm seo” was a topic that saw a lot of impressions in search engines each month. We have experience designing and optimizing law firm websites, so we decided to take advantage of this keyword to gain more visibility. If you know a lawyer looking for a solid SEO plan, pass this article along!
  • How New and Updated Content Positively Affects Small Business Websites
    The online presence of a business has become just as important as its physical storefront. Discover how to positively affect your small business website by updating and refreshing old content or creating new content.
  • Black Hat Friday: When SEO 'Deals' Cost More Than You Bargained For
    Black Friday is a time of great deals and sales. Sometimes, questionable SEO providers offer great deals for SEO services that can damage your website. These strategies are referred to as “black hat SEO”. Read about common tactics, how websites get caught for using them, and how to recover if you’ve been penalized.

Tip of the Month: Creating Good Quality, Holiday-Themed Blog Posts

Holiday-themed blog posts can be a lot of fun. They’re an opportunity to combine your business perspective with holiday traditions. Results can be comedic, thoughtful, and uplifting while providing specific and useful information for the holiday season. Here are a few holiday-themed ideas that small businesses might consider:

  • Electricians: Tips for installing or maintaining Christmas lights
  • Real Estate Agents: How to decorate your home for a festive, holiday showing
  • Fitness and Personal Trainers: Staying fit through the holidays
  • Fashion Retailers: Characteristics of a perfect ugly sweater
  • Travel Agencies: What the holidays look like at popular December getaways
  • Law firms: Holiday legal tips for party hosts and retailers
  • Accountants: Holiday financial tips for businesses and individuals
  • Plumbers: Preventing holiday disasters - plumbing tips for large family gatherings
  • Massage Therapists: Stress-relief techniques for the holidays
  • Solar Panel Installers: Power usage of common holiday electronics
  • Caterers: Memorable holiday catering ideas for your family gathering
  • Storage companies: Decluttering for the holidays - solutions for a peaceful home
  • Insurance Providers: Holiday safety and insurance - protecting what matters most
  • Grain Co-ops: How to use local grains in popular holiday baking recipes
  • Counsellors: Tips for navigating holiday emotions
  • Home Inspectors: Home safety tips for the holidays
  • Towing Companies: Road safety tips to avoid needing a tow during the holidays
  • Jewellery Designers: Tips for crafting the perfect Christmas gift
  • Spill Response Providers: Tips for workplace safety and spill prevention during the busy holiday season

The key to holiday content is to ensure it’s valuable content at its core that will be relevant every December, then to add a holiday twist. We call this “evergreen” content because it’s always relevant, no matter what year it’s used. It might be fine to create a one-off article about ‘the best tips or products of 2023’, but we recommend considering an approach that makes your list valuable beyond only 2023.

We’re happy to help! If you need help brainstorming, organizing, or creating an evergreen holiday-themed blog post, contact our SEO and content writing team today!

Give our Wit blog category a skim to see some of our holiday-themed SEO articles.

For more newsletters and tips of the month, visit the SilverServers News section of the blog.

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