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SilverServers July 2023 Newsletter

July 1st 2023

SilverServers July 2023 Newsletter

Welcome to the July Newsletter for SilverServers! We’re enjoying the warmer weather and hope you and your business are too. It has been a busy month at our office, with lots going on. Read on for some updates and the Tip of the Month.

GA4 Upgrade

All of the Google Analytics accounts of our Grassroots Program clients have been fully switched over to GA4 in the past month! If you receive monthly SEO reports from us, that means you may see a slight fluctuation up or down of your traffic.

What is GA4? In 2020, Google announced the end of life for “Univeral Analytics” tags for Google Analytics, and gave businesses a few years to upgrade to their new tool, Google Analytics 4, or “GA4”. The phasing out of Univeral Analytics was completed last month. We’ve worked with Thompson Rivers University over the past couple of years to build tools to maintain our systems through that change.

Revist the May 2023 newsletter to learn more about our GA4 project with TRU.

New Addition to the SilverServers Team!

We’re excited to introduce Peter, the newest member of the SilverServers team. He joined us in June as our sales consultant. He has been doing a great job so far and we look forward to working with him more! He will be handling many of our outgoing phone calls from now on too, so don’t be surprised if the next time we call you, it’s Peter on the line!

Watch for his Staff Profile to be added to the Staff page soon!

Special Message from the Tech Support Team

We asked the tech support team if they want to share anything in this month’s newsletter. Their simple message to all of our clients and readers: “Hi”.

Email to say “hi” back and to chat with the tech support team about your website!

Blog Updates

We have two new blog posts this month! Check them out below:

What Keyword Balance Means and How To Achieve It In SEO

As an SEO company, we often talk about or mention the important topic of “keyword balance”. This new article explains what it is, whey it’s important, and a general explanation about how we achieve it.

Learn more about keyword balance

SEO Showdown: Ontario Poutineries

We analyzed the websites of poutineries throughout Ontario to see who has the best optimized website! Check out the tips and feedback we shared about the poutinerie, Perogies and Poutine, from Oshawa.

Find out more about SEO for Ontario Poutineries

Tip of the Month - Check Your Page’s Meta Title and Description

When Google visits a webpage, before they even begin to evaluate what’s on the page, they check the meta data. Meta tags are HTML tags in the code of the website. There are many types of meta tags, but the two highest priority to check are the Meta Title and the Meta Description.

You typically don’t need to know anything about code to access or edit the meta title and description. However, if you don’t know where to find those in your website’s management area, talk with your website administrator or someone who’s familiar with the CMS you use.

Your Meta Title should be short. It should concisely communicate the primary purpose of the page and it’s main keyword. For example, “Our Services” or “Our Kamloops SEO Services”. Keep titles shorter than 60 characters. Google will allow longer titles, but they won’t display them fully in a Google search result. Also, if you need more than 60 characters, it may be helpful to determine if your page’s purpose is focused enough.

Your Meta Description can be longer. Where the title is extremely concise, the description provides contextual details about that title. Keep it descriptive, but around 160 characters.

Thanks for getting up to date with SilverServers! Check out past newsletters and their tip of the month sections!

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