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SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter

June 27th 2022

SilverServers July 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the first SilverServers monthly newsletter! June was an exciting month here at our office. As we considered all that we’re working on and how we might share it all, we decided that a newsletter might be the best way! Get up-to-date with SilverServers below.

Colocation Services in Kamloops

Over the past couple of months, our team has been moving server racks into our office space on the ground floor of the Canshield Data Centre. This month, we began offering colocation services! In the near future we’ll have a page on our website with more information about the services. For now though, anyone looking for colocation services in Kamloops can reach us by phone or email. Ask us for a tour of the space!

The SilverServers Team

We have a Staff page now! In May, most of our team filled out answers to a questionnaire. At the beginning of June, we began adding that content to the website. Get to know our team a little better by visiting the new page!
Additionally, we’re now working with a couple of new freelance writers who are continuing our tradition of offering valuable, well-written content to our clients.

The SilverServers Website

Our own website isn’t often something we get overly excited about. This month, however, there has been lots of change beyond only a couple of additional articles.

-As mentioned above, we added a Staff page.
-We categorized our blog so that it’s easier to find articles. Now each article belongs to a category!
-As of this month, we are now ranking 1st in a Google search for “kamloops seo” and “seo kamloops”
-Emma, our social media manager, attended a seminar recently about “No-code” development environments. We wrote an article about what she learned there: What Is No-Code?
-As a result of a humorous conversation we were having at the office one morning, we wrote this new tongue-in-cheek blog post: Why A Slow Website Is Likely To Win More Clients

Internet of Things (IoT) Projects

Our atmospheric sensors that we’ve been testing are about to hit a milestone! Last year we made adjustments to the system that allowed them to have a longer battery life. In early July, one of those sensors will be the first to pass the 1-year mark for continuous service on a single battery! Based on its power usage, we’re estimating it will last 3 years or more.

These sensors are used for monitoring and tracking atmospheric conditions around them. They monitor temperature, pressure, and more! Want to learn more? Let us know and we can show you the system!

Websites Launched

We launched a couple of new websites on the Grassroots SEO program in the past month!

Prolift Elevator Services Cayman Islands

As the name suggests, Prolift provides elevator installation, maintenance, and repair services in the Cayman Islands. As the only authorized dealer of OTIS elevators, they get to work in some beautiful locations! We’re excited to continue building out the content on their site.

Check them out at

Sun City Home Inspections

Daniel Funk is a BC licenced and certified home inspector in Kamloops. With a background in home construction and 20 years with Kamloops Fire & Rescue (fire fighter, fire prevention officer, lieutenant, captain, and assistant chief of operations),Daniel will provide a unique and experienced perspective on Kamloops homes!

Check out his website at

Tip of the Month (Email)

We’re seeing lots of spam emails going around about updating your password for Zimbra. These are spam emails, so we don’t recommend clicking any of the links!
If you use our Zimbra email services and receive a message about updating your password, please check in with us directly - either by email or phone.

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