Creativity takes time and time takes money. You don't have to do it all at once.

March 18th 2016

Creativity takes time and time takes money. You don't have to do it all at once.

As one of the longest running website design companies in Kamloops, we have built and maintain hundreds of websites. One of the hardest aspects of good responsive website design and development is the creative process. Anytime there's a need to combine a tight budget or time constraints with creativity chances are that a client's expectations will exceed what can realistically be achieved. This concept is very well illustrated in the following video.

When you're looking for a new website it is important to think your business goals. It can certainly be great to have an amazing modern advanced design with all the latest cutting edge features but for most businesses the fact is that the ROI for pursuing advanced creative design concepts is generally very low. For most businesses the goal of a website is to, in some way, provide a cost-effective marketing platform to help attract customers and increase sales. Unlike many traditional marketing media such as newspapers, magazines, radio and TV, the difference with websites is that you have to attract the visits to your site rather than waiting for the media to place an ad in front of their existing viewers.

If we look at a website from that perspective, for most of us that means that the first thing we need to consider is how visitors will end up finding our website. I think we're all familiar enough with the internet these days to recognize that search engines are one of the most cost-effective ways to bring visitors. To our thinking that means that any website should be focusing onSearch Engine Optimization first. Then, once the visitor finds your website, the next step is to focus on design and content that will help the visitor find what they need and in the end convert to a customer.

Back to the design. If you've got a website that's already doing a good job of getting visitors coming in from the search engines and you feel that a more custom branding design will help turn more visitors into customers, what you need to determine is how much a new design might help you close business and how much it is worth to your business. For example, if a 25% increase in sales leads through your website would result in an extra $100,000 in sales and you have a 30% margin, you can say that the value to you is simply $30,000. Accepting that any business wants to profit from their work, if you take 50% of that value and assign that to your budget for website graphic design and development that leaves $15,000 for your budget.

Since you already have a website that's bringing in visitors and is generally working, you can go back to your website team and make it clear that you are willing to invest $15,000 into enhancing your design with the goal of a 25% increase in sales. This will completely change the conversation with your design and development team. The focus is now tightly focused on using design that will lead to better conversion with a clear budget. Assuming the budget is realistic, the website team will be more comfortable investing more time into the creative design process which, as shown in the video, is where ideas can be planted and grown into something unique and original.
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