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Benefits of Finding SEO Keywords for Your Website

January 20th 2022

Benefits of Finding SEO Keywords for Your Website

In a recent article, we discussed how to compile relevant keywords for your business. Check out that article if you haven’t already, then come back to find out why finding these keywords matters and how the results can help your business. At SilverServers, we are SEO consultants located in Kamloops who help small and medium businesses find SEO keywords for their websites and show them how to use them well.

Finding SEO keywords has significant benefits. Here are five of them:

Insights into Your Customers

Knowing as much as you can about your customers is an important component to running a successful business. We know you probably have a target audience in mind, but are they using Search Engines to find your products or services? When do they search? In what circumstances? This all affects the keywords they might use to find your offerings. What do they type into a Google Search? Do they search with known technical terms or do they use less technical language? In order to find the right keywords to target your audience, you’ll have to learn more by researching the kinds of queries that get used. At SilverServers, we can help you find out this information. Together we’ll find the most appropriate and beneficial keywords to optimize your website and increase its traffic.

A great example is the title of this article. Our instinct is to title it “Benefits of Keyword Research”. However, in our research, we learned that Google users are much, much more likely to type “finding SEO keywords for your website” when they want help doing keyword research.

Targeting the Right Audience

Targeting AudienceIt’s not enough to merely increase any traffic to your site. You want to be able to draw the right people to your website. Some keywords are used in more than one industry, while other keywords are only used in your industry. Rather than picking a keyword and hoping it’s unique to your industry, spend a few minutes researching it to find out if Google associates it to your industry at all – or if it’s used somewhere else entirely.

Optimal Search Engine Listings

After you know what your potential visitors are typing into a Google Search, you will then know what kind of language you should use on your website. The wrong language and phrasing on your website will cause Google to rank you for keywords that people aren’t using. Optimize the website’s language to optimize search engine listings!

Increased Efficiency

We know running your business on the ground takes up the majority of your time and that thinking about the specifics of SEO and website optimization isn’t likely what you want to spend your time doing. That’s why we are here to help. Correct keywords may guide visitors to the correct pages on your site. This way, they don’t need to navigate through a complicated menu in order to find the specific page they’re looking for – they can simply ask Google to show them the right page.

Learn New Words

It’s not unusual for people to create new words to describe old services. Keyword research can help you recognize trends in the way people talk about your offerings – and how they search for them. Researching can help you keep new trends and new words in mind as you plan out your website’s content and update its pages.

These are just a few of the benefits of Keyword Research. We can go over more of them in person with you. Contact us today to get started with finding the right keywords for your site. Consider starting with a Free Website Review. Together we’ll make certain that Google not only knows who you are, but that you’re continually rising to the top of its rankings!

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