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Feeding Your Website Quality Content

June 22nd 2017

Feeding Your Website Quality Content

From our great office in Kamloops, we at SilverServers create websites that are fast, lightweight, and get noticed by search engines. We do this, in part, by making sure great content is added regularly. We like to think that if a website is like a person, then the content added to it is like food. We want your site to grow healthy and strong, so we do all we can to make sure it gets its “green vegetable” content often. Just like a person, high quality food on a regular basis promotes and improves a site's health and search engine rankings. Low quality food on a regular basis keeps the tummy full, but doesn't do anything for health. Having no food for a long time causes problems.

Sometimes we see websites go months without quality content – or any content at all – added to them. If you've ever gone any length of time eating only ice cream, then you probably understand what those sites “feel” like. Although a website doesn't need to "eat" every day, it does need high quality content added on a regular basis in order to stay healthy. When we check performance and see something’s not doing well, we can make a pretty good guess that there isn't much “feeding” happening.

The Secret to Healthy Website Content

So what is the secret to good, healthy content? The typical SEO answer of “it depends” applies here, but I’ll share the first 4 things we look for in a page or article’s meta title, meta description, url, and first paragraph:

1. Who you are
2. What you do
3. Where you are
4. What the specific page is about, or why you are writing
If these 4 items are added wisely and in human-readable sentences, that’s a good sign that you are creating healthy content.

Assistance with your Content and SEO Plan

With that in mind, we also know that small businesses are often too busy to design and implement a full SEO content strategy on their own. Who has time for that? That’s what we’re here for! For clients on our Grassroots search engine optimization, website, and maintenance program, our team works collaboratively with business owners and webmasters on their content. When we use this approach, we are able to use each others’ strengths to create healthy content on a regular basis.

We have found that a collaborative approach allows content to be produced that is both well-written and optimized for search engines. We work with clients who have a broad range of writing skills and time resources. Some are authors who are able to write all of their own content regularly. Some are too busy for a phone call – let alone writing anything for a website! The ability to be flexible about who actually writes the content means that we can help within that whole range of businesses we serve. For clients who can write their own content, we’re here to suggest topics and help optimize the technical parts of what they write so it is of the most benefit possible to their website’s health. For clients who don’t have time to write, they can let us take a topic and we can write the content with their feedback. It becomes a win for our clients, a win for their websites, and a win for us too!

As our Grassroots program is growing, we are seeing clients winning more often and loving their healthy, content-rich websites. The speed and overall health of these websites is getting these businesses lots of attention. If you want to start adding more healthy content to your website then give us a call or an email. We’re happy to help you feed your website.

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