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Offline Business Decisions Will Affect Website Traffic Stats

February 5th 2020

Offline Business Decisions Will Affect Website Traffic Stats

At SilverServers, our SEO program helps small and medium business websites get noticed by Google so that their audience and the world can find them. This program is effective for our clients in the Kamloops area and beyond, but that’s not all we are known for! We also offer hosting, graphic design, content writing services, software development and more! Including the ability to provide tips on ways to increase both direct and referral traffic. These tips can help you make more technology-conscious decisions as you’re marketing your business using both digital and non-digital techniques.

Digital marketing is the use of digital technologies to market products and services — a vital part of converting website visitors into customers. This might include buying Google Ads, advertising on another company’s website, or paying for ads on social media.

Non-digital marketing is equally as important, and includes actions like mailing out ads, posting ads in the newspaper or on the side of the highway, getting a car wrap, or attending a business networking event. We believe that non-digital business choices often have direct effects on how much traffic you may see on your website. We want to help you be more conscious of the effect these choices can have on your website traffic.

Two Example Companies Marketing Their Services

Picture two competing mechanic companies with car decals advertising their respective companies. One elegantly displays the company name on the side of a black vehicle, but is difficult to see at a glance or at a distance. The other is simple — just the company name printed in bright text on the back of a vehicle.

Now imagine a harried commuter stuck at a red light thinking about where he should go to get his vehicle’s upcoming maintenance done. Unsure where to begin, he looks up and sees one of our two mechanic’s cars in front of him. The light turns green, that car turns the other way, and our commuter is on his way to his destination.

If the car he saw had the bright, basic logo, chances are excellent that our commuter may have read it without even realizing it. Later, when he’s browsing the internet for local mechanics, it will probably be the one that will pop into his head. Additionally, for this easy to spot logo, he may boost the mechanic’s search engine traffic by typing the company name into Google!

If the car our commuter saw had the elegant, difficult to see logo then he may not have even noticed it, so it may not pop into his head later in the day when he’s searching for a mechanic online.

The point here isn’t to judge which approach to logo design was correct, but to make the point that a non-digital marketing decision like this one will affect website traffic.

Know Your Audience

Online and offline decisions are made for different reasons. Online, you want people to be able to find you then to convert into customers. Offline, you want to attract the right people to your brand.

Our mechanic example from earlier also shows how important it is for businesses to know their target audiences. The elegant but difficult-to-see logo may attract one type of customer. There may be less of them, but perhaps they are a loyal, dedicated bunch who like to stand out in the crowd and have deep enough pockets to keep coming back year after year. The simple, easy to see logo quite possibly attracts a different type of customer, but maybe there are a lot of more of them.

In both instances, neither company would have to do anything on their website to get more traffic, but website traffic was affected because of their non-digital marketing choice. For this reason, it is important to be aware that your website traffic will be affected by what your company decides to do offline. Online and offline marketing strategies need to complement and be aware of one another in order to have the greatest impact.

According to the law of attraction, whatever we focus on is what we will attract into our lives. This rule applies both in our personal lives and professional ones, so for businesses, it is important to know exactly what to focus on in order to attract the customers you are looking for — know your audience and make decisions that relate to them.

For help with website development and ensuring your website gets seen in search engines by your target audience, SilverServers is located in Kamloops and our experts are ready to serve. We are committed to helping you turn your domain into the 24/7 salesperson you need it to be. Book a free consultation to see how exactly our design team can help you optimize your website and make the most of both your digital and non-digital marketing opportunities.

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