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Upcoming Mobile Website Ranking Changes

December 12th 2016

Upcoming Mobile Website Ranking Changes

SilverServers Inc. provides high quality, low cost responsive website design and search engine optimization for small to medium businesses in Kamloops BC and around the world. It seems like we could write a new article every week about all the major pieces of the SEO picture that Google changes. The way that users interact with the web has changed so quickly over the past few years and Google is constantly trying to catch up. Many of the changes to the SEO world recently are wholly centered around mobile users and their experience. If things keep going the way they are, mobile sourced traffic is likely to continue to climb into the 80-90% user range compared to the 60/70% that we see now.

If you have pop up advertisements on your website, there's a very big change coming your way. Google's search algorithm will soon be directly penalizing sites that use 'interstitial' ads that are intrusive. Interstitial basically means anything that happens in between your view and the content that you'd like to read. Targetted, user related ads for specific products on your site or timely sales are most likely something that is going to remain a powerful conversion tool without hurting your rankings. Random, space-for-sale pop ads that are not related properly to your website and your business are the biggest target for Google's updates. If your website uses these, prepare to either a) lose a lot of traffic or b) lose your ad revenue stream.

Not only is this more evidence that mobile user experience is taking over, it's another direct shot from Google against anyone who has a website experience that does not take mobile users into account properly. A responsive website should offer more than just a squished down, hard to read view of the regular content you provide. Menus, interactions, and layouts should all be tailored to bring in and keep mobile users interested in your content. Your website should have as small of a data footprint as possible, load quickly and offer an inclusive design for all sizes of devices.

A great mobile layout can translate directly into conversions. Making your business easy to contact and easy to purchase from on any device will not only translate to more sales and revenue, but also more satisfied customers. If your website only looks good on a few screen sizes, or is lacking a responsive design from a user interaction standpoint, contact SilverServers today for help!

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