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SilverServers Newsletter: January 2024

January 1st 2024

SilverServers Newsletter: January 2024

Happy New Year! Welcome to 2024 and the January edition of the SilverServers newsletter.

SilverServers Started Streaming on Social Media

In December, we did our first Instagram Live Feed! Our social media and SEO teams have been working together to chart a plan for live feed content on Instagram and Facebook in the new year. We’ll share more information in the coming weeks, but if you see us live on social media, drop by to say hello!

New Look for Monthly SEO Reports

Blake, our rapid prototyper on the software development team, sat with the SEO team this month to watch how we generate, write, and send the valuable SEO reports we send to clients of our Grassroots SEO program. A few hours later, Blake had created a new system for analyzing, writing, and sending SEO reports. It saved us a ton of time and made the reports much more valuable. We implemented the system and started sending our new reports in December! The reports are cleaner, more concise, and provide additional simple suggestions throughout, instead of only our one main suggestion each month. If you’re on the Grassroots SEO program, please let us know what you think of the reports! If you’re not on the program, but you’re interested in getting an SEO report for your site, contact us to find out how!

Learn about our SEO Reports

New SEO Clients

In December, we welcomed two new Kamloops small business websites to our Grassroots SEO program!

  • Avid ActionCOACH
    • The mission of Avid ActionCoach is to become the largest business growth community in the world. Here business owners will find business coaching, training, and education for leadership, marketing, sales, and more. Explore the updated website of the Kamloops chapter of this organization!
    • Avid ActionCoach
  • Live at Ladera
    • Live at Ladera and their website’s graphic designer, Jeff Kilduf of Graphic Depictions, reached out to us to help improve the SEO of their website. Live at Ladera is a townhome development in progress in Sun Rivers. We put Jeff Kilduf’s design onto our Paradigm CMS, added a blog page, and have begun writing content for the site!
    • Live at Ladera

December Blog Updates

SEO Case Study: Elevating a Personal Trainer Above Local Gyms

We created a Case Study section of our blog this month and wrote a new article for it. Read this article to discover how we helped the website of a Kamloops personal trainer grow in SEO value until it finally became stronger than the websites of Kamloops gyms.

SEO Showdown: Interior BC Toy Stores

Just in time for the last 12 days of Christmas shopping, we completed and posted the newest edition of our SEO Showdown. We stayed local this time and found cities in the BC interior that had independent toy stores with websites. We analyzed those websites, scored them, found a winner, and commented on what that website did well and what it might improve. Find some SEO tips for toy stores here!

How To Back Up IMAP Email

Do you have limited storage space for your IMAP email account? To help our email clients and any email clients of IMAP email systems, we created step-by-step instructions for backing up emails to Mozilla Thunderbird.

Tip of the Month - Allow AI To Help Write Your Emails This Year

Small business owners know better than most how it feels to be buried in emails. This month’s tip may help you dig through those emails faster than ever before.

2023 saw AI technology take leaps forward and become a tool for anyone to use. AI is great at writing emails. It can’t write everything, but it can write quite a lot of what you need. One particular strength of AI is intelligently crafting the points you need to convey in the right tone. Simply give it the points you want covered, and tell it the tone of voice you want to use. If you don’t like what you see at first, it’s easy to ask it to try again!

In addition to writing emails, you can also ask AI to read an email, condense it into a nutshell, and tell you what you need to do or what you need to respond to. This can be useful when you receive complex, long emails that you’re struggling to find time to understand fully.

Letting AI read and write for you as much as possible will save you time. Consider all of the work you will be able to complete with all of that extra time!

Ask us if you need some good options for getting set up with an accessible AI.

Happy New Year!

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