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Tenisci Piva LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

April 15th 2019

Tenisci Piva LLP Chartered Professional Accountants

The team at SilverServers works collaboratively with small to medium businesses to design and maintain lightweight websites with optimized search engine performance first. From the ground up, our cost-effective Grassroots SEO program helps clients to build strength and authority in organic internet search results.

We find that quick loading speed, mobile-friendly design and regular posts of high-quality content will attract the visitors you want, tell them who you are, and also what you do that may benefit them. We have had the pleasure of working with Tenisci Piva on developing their online presence.

Tenisci Piva is a full-service accounting firm specializing in providing quality business advisory, accounting, and tax planning services to small business owners in Kamloops, BC and surrounding areas. Firmly rooted in a culture that values and appreciates team members and clients, Tenisci Piva has been positively impacting financial successes of small business and individuals in this area for almost a quarter of a century.

When we began working with Tenisci Piva in October 2016, they had concerns about their low rank in Google searches. We built their new website from scratch, and launched in February 2017. The result is a fast, lightweight, mobile-friendly website that loads in less than one second. Tenisci Piva now ranks on the first page and/or in first place in Google search queries related to all of their services! We’re excited to see their website grow each month and work with them on software projects.

If you are seeking expert, trustworthy financial services, the friendly folks at Tenisci Piva would be happy to hear from you. For an expert diagnosis of the health of your business website, we at SilverServers are happy to offer a free website review and to discuss the results with you. Plus, we would love to hear more about your business!