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Spot On Interior Design

July 18th 2019

Spot On Interior Design

Web design and search engine optimization (SEO) can be a delicate balance. At SilverServers we create websites offering speed and responsiveness using a content-first approach. This approach provides better Google rankings which can increase consumer conversions and engagement. Brief bursts of content seem to be the current web trend however at SilverServers, we know that a more in depth and content heavy approach can result in better rankings and higher visitor traffic.

SilverServers has been working collaboratively with small to medium sized businesses like Kamloops, BC based Spot On Interior Design, for over 20 years to optimize search engine performance and convert web visitors into paying customers through its cost-effective Grassroots SEO program. This financially accessible program boils down SEO into its most basic parts so that smaller businesses like Spot On can take the first step in building strength and authority in organic Internet search results. Some important pieces ensured are effective navigation flow, quick web loading speeds and mobile-friendly designs.

Spot On, a full-service interior design firm specializing in commercial, residential and styling projects, began as a clean and visually appealing yet slow single page website with very low website rankings and online visibility. All that changed when Spot On began working with SilverServers.

While Spot On’s website was not designed by SilverServers, our team was able to migrate the company’s existing website into our SEO optimization program and break the single-page website into multiple content pages. We created independent dedicated pages highlighting the company’s interior design projects and services allowing virtually limitless growth for the company’s online presence and brand. This resulted in increased rankings for a variety of unique and relevant search phrases across the website. It also allowed the owner to actually see the types of services her potential clients are interested in as Google Analytics keeps track of visitors to each of her individual service pages.

By recoding and compartmentalizing Spot On’s website, we were able to both successfully address their main concern of slow loading content and create a consumer-friendly site that performs very quickly across a multitude of devices. In fact, our team of techs at SilverServers are bustling to ensure that we are always able to offer quick loading speeds and mobile-friendly designs in the constantly evolving world of the web by keeping on pace with Google’s progressive algorithms and enhanced desktop and mobile devices.

SilverServers is thrilled that Spot On has been able to rise from virtually no search rankings to zeroing in on page 1 through tailored keyword targets. We are confident that the introduction of new and more relevant content throughout Spot On’s website will result in high rankings for a multitude of relevant search terms.

If you want similar results, contact us at SilverServers. We want your website to stand out not only from a strong technical standpoint but also through eye-catching graphic designs and engaging, authoritative content. We are happy to offer your business a free website review. We will do a few basic checks on your site and note any of the common problem areas your site may have and discuss the results with you.