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Ruby Tunke Spirit Writer

October 28th 2019

Ruby Tunke Spirit Writer

SEO in Medicine Hat is new for the team at SilverServers. For the past few years we have provided affordable, entry-level, technical focused search engine optimization services to small and medium business clients throughout the world. In that time we’ve learned how to get a good feel for how well clients in their industries and locations will rank in Google Search results – and other search engines. It is exciting to work with Ruby Tunke because she is our first client from Medicine Hat. She’s also the first Spirit Writer on the program. Over the past few months, we have enjoyed diving into this location and industry, which is relatively new to us. We have had to start from scratch learning together with her how to build up her website - which has been a fun and collaborative process! Here’s a little bit of that story.

Ruby Tunke is a Spirit Writer in Medicine Hat. In a session with her, She will help you to connect with your personal spirit guides and give you insight to their written guidance. Once this is done, she will help you understand the information that has been communicated. That process is also called “automatic writing”. Through this practice, Ruby can help you work through major decisions in your life, get past situations that are blocking you from becoming who you are meant to become, and more. She is a master of spirit writing who gives guidance to clients via online video software like Zoom. This way she can provide services to clients anywhere in the world, in the places where they are most comfortable.

Ruby’s website was designed by a Dawson Creek graphic design company that SilverServers had partnered with for website design. When that company became part of SilverServers one of our staff talked to her about our Grassroots SEO program – which she decided to sign up for! It was a pleasure to meet Ruby! Once she had signed onto the program, we converted her existing website to the newest version of our Paradigm CMS (content management system) and launched in September 2018. We immediately began the process of adding new content to her site each month on her new FAQ page.

Building up search engine rankings and authority in Medicine Hat and the spiritual services industry has been a challenge that our team has enjoyed facing. Ruby is not our only SEO client in that industry, so we knew from the start that finding keywords that people were actually using would take time, patience, and creativity. Working together with Ruby in the past year, however, we have started to overcome the odds and find useful keywords. As we’ve written FAQ posts to broaden the keywords she ranks for, our tools have shown us what useful phrases people use to find service providers in Ruby’s industry. Today, Ruby’s website usually ranks in the top 3 search results for general queries about “spirit writer”. She does even better in Medicine Hat!

Now that we have a firm foundation of showing up in SERP’s for her main keywords, we can continue to work with Ruby to build up her rankings in locations outside of Medicine Hat.

Working with Ruby Tunke is grand. Our experience with her so far has confirmed again that SEO works best as a collaborative process focused on adding quality content to the website each month. As we see data in Google Analytics and Search Console and then react to it using our in-house content writing services, we’ve found a foothold in the Medicine Hat SEO for her industry so that we could build a foundation for her online presence. With this approach, we believe we can find a foothold even in the most challenging of industries!

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