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Mariposa Bed and Breakfast - Belize

March 14th 2014

Mariposa Bed and Breakfast - Belize

Today we are launching one of our latest websites featuring our responsive design techniques combined with our custom content management system.  The website is designed to work on computers as well as phones and tablets using the same content across all different sizes of displays.  The owners of Mariposa Bed and Breakfast are taking advantage of our special ongoing support and maintenance option where we help them review their analytics and create new articles and content on a monthly basis to provide visitors with new and interesting information while adding rich content for the search engines.

Check out some more of our SEO and Website Design Projects (including an update on Mariposa Beach Suites and Resorts' website in 2017),then contact us for a free websit review!

Update: Mariposa Beach Belize's website is no longer managed by SilverServers. However, they continue to build off of some of the years of collaboration our teams both put into the site!