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Interior Plumbing And Heating

April 6th 2015

Interior Plumbing And Heating

When Interior Plumbing & Heating's WordPress site was unfortunately hacked, SilverServers jumped at the chance to save the site and work our magic. IPH reprents an excellent local company that has a reputation for delivering consistent quality to their clients so SilverServers had to make sure we lived up to their hype!

Despite security plugins and consistent upgrades, Interior Plumbing & Heating's WordPress site was hit hard more than once. SilverServers was able to provide a temporary pure HTML version of their WordPress content that was hack-free for the duration of the new site's build. Using their original design as a starting point, SilverServers built a new responsive layout and look for IPH's new site. We added our Paradigm CMS system to the new design and moved all of IPH's existing content over.

After the addition of some new features and the ability to manage all of their site's content, IPH's new site was launched on April 6th 2015.

Update: SilverServers no longer manages Interior Plumbing and Heating's website. However, we're often happy to see that they still benefit from some of the SEO foundation we worked on together!