What's in a Magic Mist?

Sometimes you just can't guess what the end result will be when you are tasked with creating a custom website.  When we started the project to upgrade the Langley BC website for Magic Mist Carpet Cleaning, we had some concepts in mind suitable for a small business owner such as Dallas.  Working together with Karri-Ann of Sixty84 on the graphics we realized there was an opportunity create something a bit different than what we expected and the end result speaks volumes.  Given the shape and size of most computers and mobile devices, websites tend towards using a lot of boxy shapes.  For most sites this is both efficient and effective.  For Magic Mist we were able to incorporate a more rounded feeling.  The result is something a bit different than most of the sites we see on a day-to-day basis.  It looks professional and serves up nicely on all sorts of different devices.

Magic Mist Rounded Bubbles

February 7th 2014

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