SilverServers Old Hat Seo Tips: Issue 3

May 24th 2016

SilverServers Old Hat Seo Tips: Issue 3

SilverServers Inc provides well written, personalized and SEO focused content for websites in Kamloops and around the world. Not only does connecting with out clients provide a better SEO experience, it lets our expertise better serve all of their website needs. The most important piece of keeping visitors and Google happy with your site is quality content. In this issue of Old Hat SEO, we'll go over why the quality of your content is so important and how to help your writers produce it.


Chris Brock's Old Hat SEO Tips: Issue 3

"Click here to see the top 20 movie fight scenes of all time!”

I'm sure we all have some recent experience with a website that thinks their amount of content outweighs the quality.  These websites often have 20 separate pages with 20 total sentences of information spread across them. That's a whole lot of URLs and keyword placements! 20 pages is better than one page, so that should help my SEO and User Experience... Right?

I'm sure you know the answer is wrong. The more pages you have with cheapened click-forced content, the more Google and visitors will build a reflective opinion of your website. Most of the traffic on the web will be entirely on mobile devices soon. Going through 20 whole pages of images, advertisements and even sometimes auto-playing videos will eat through most data plans in a few visits.

One of the best ways to write good content is to make it personal. No matter your type of business or service, your website content is a great place to connect with your visitors on a more accessible level. It can explain your services in a way that immediately makes sense for visitors who might not be familiar with it. Providing the ability to invest your current and prospective clients in you and your team through repeated, quality content is one of the best ways to improve your website's functionality.

The topics for these pieces of content can be composed from a very wide range of ideas. If you're a chef, talk about your favourite recipe or something you learned on a travel trip. If you run a bed and breakfast, showcase a recent event that happened nearby whether you were directly involved or just another visitor. Not only does each and every piece of quality content give your visitors a window into how you do business, but also gives Google another reason to visit and rank your site positively.

Unless you are writing this content yourself, make sure your writers are given as much information about your business as possible. Something small and seemingly unimportant can be a lightning rod for connection if framed properly. It's extremely hard to grow visitors and PageRank organically without a personally charged connection between the business and the content it provides. Google knows when your users are having a good experience.

Your website's content is the possibly the most cost efficient, effective way to get across what your business is about to customers and to search engines. Personally charged and informative content achieves both authority and respect from any type of visitor to your website, robot or otherwise. If you need help getting your website's content focused and helping your PageRank, SilverServers has a plan for you.
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