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Changes To The Monthly Grassroots SEO Program

September 1st 2020

Changes To The Monthly Grassroots SEO Program

At SilverServers, the primary focus of the month-to-month work in our Grassroots SEO program is to add good quality, SEO-friendly, text-based content to your website. Each month, our team considers how and when to best use our content writing services to help your website get noticed in Google Searches. In the past, we’ve collaborated with our clients mostly by phone to plan this custom work. Recently, we’ve made a few changes to streamline the process of selecting where to apply these services on your site, so that progress on your website’s work isn’t as dependent on your picking up the phone and planning meetings with us.

Whether your company uses our writing services to write new blog posts or to optimize existing content, these changes will affect you, so we want you to know what has changed and what is staying the same.

What’s Not Changing in the Grassroots SEO Program:

1. Each month, you will still receive a detailed SEO report with a summary of important changes and updates on work happening on your website.

2. You will still receive suggestions for writing work to have done for the website in the coming month, and you will be responsible for accepting or rejecting suggested content writing work. You are always welcome to submit your own content topics.

3. When content work isn’t the priority for the month, we can work on website development, updates to existing technical aspects of the website, keyword research etc.

4. We still want to check in with you by phone each quarter. Planning and collaboration - to implement helpful changes to your website and keep plans consistent - are usually most effective by phone.

5. We will not make changes to your website’s content without your approval. So even if you find yourself with a backlog of change suggestions or helpful blog posts we have written, we won’t post them until you approve us doing that.

What Is Changing:

Since the pandemic broke out earlier this year, our team’s day-to-day operations have necessarily shifted in order to keep staff safe but still provide services for our Grassroots clients. Because of this, some of our processes and systems have been updated to help better organize and streamline the process. We found it was very difficult to relay information about client’s projects when we were working at different times and from different locations. We’ve made changes to better track and support this process.

1. With your SEO report, you will receive a suggestion for content work on your site along with a button enabling you to easily approve or reject the suggested work. All you have to do is take a look at the suggestion, decide if you want it done or not, then click the appropriate button. This process won’t replace our desire to collaborate and plan with you by phone each quarter, but it will mean that you can see our ideas and provide feedback without making yourself free for a phone call or drafting an email response. It will streamline your website work even more.

2. Since content writing is, in general, the #1 priority for the health of your website, if we don’t receive an approval or rejection of our suggested task, we will use your time to draft the changes we suggested. This is to ensure that even if you’re too busy to respond, we can continue working to help push your website forward.

These changes will streamline the content writing services we provide for your website, giving you simpler access to the power to control what work gets done. On our end, they will also allow us more flexibility and ability for our staff to continue services for you, no matter what happens in the dynamic and uncertain environment created by the global pandemic.

As we tweak our new tools, we may be able to add even more additional features to improve consistency and communication. We have a few tools already being planned out by our website development team. Watch for updates here!

If you have any questions about the Grassroots SEO program or your monthly SEO report, please check out our informational blog posts about the program or contact us by phone or email! We’re happy to help.

To keep up-to-date with the Grassroots program and to find tips for using our software and services, check out the Grassroots FAQ section of our blog!

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