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SilverServers Old Hat Seo Tips: Issue 5

July 13th 2016

SilverServers Old Hat Seo Tips: Issue 5

SilverServers offers low-cost, high quality and focused SEO programs for small to medium businesses in the Kamloops area and around the world. Every month we find more and more websites in need of useful, simple and effective SEO strategies and review. Many times, a failing online marketing campaign can be traced back to a lack of important and required information and attitude.

One of the ideas we see a lot is that a business' online presence can be run by one marketing facet alone. Hitch your cart to the strongest horse so to speak, and then sit back and wait for it to pull you to your intended destination. Whether that one horse is Google Adwords, a social media campaign or backlink building there is no way to ensure success with only one piece of the puzzle being focused on. If anything, the possibility for long term SEO failure and damage rises when websites are expected to improve thanks to one action alone.

SEO and online marketing is no longer a bottom-up game to play. You can't bet high on one hand and expect to have it carry your whole endeavour. It's alarming that SEO companies are still pushing these situations as long-term effective solutions to a website's PageRank. AdWords campaigns that are only effective for driving traffic as long as a user keeps paying. Social media campaigns hung out to dry alone, destined to fail in Facebook and Twitter darkness. If your website's content and quality do not support your actions at all levels, you can be wasting your time and money very quickly.

Effective SEO campaigns need to be connected with a singular focus and treated as the sum of its many parts. A top-down approach mixed with reactionary steps is what every SEO ranking battle should start with. All pieces, all actions focused and connected. AdWords campaigns need to be supported by the content and code of your website on a long term basis. Facebook posts that do not link/drive users to your website only improve your Facebook presence, not your website's traffic. Without a singular direction supported by multiple actions, SEO becomes much harder to control.

If you're tired of a one-horse show failing your website's online marketing ability, SilverServers can help! We offer SEO packages that start at $100/month and focus on the required basics ine a contained, continually refined and encompassing format. Let us know if we can help you!

That's the end of the Old Hat SEO Tips series! If you missed the last one, jump back to part 4 about interpreting analytics data.

Stick around on our blog for more SEO tips and marketing tips!

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