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Google's Mobilegeddon Update

June 18th 2015


As we reported a couple of months ago, Google has taken a stance that is changing the face of websites around the world. In short, if you have a website it should be mobile friendly across all (or most) devices. If you don't comply, you risk giving competitor mobile-friendly websites an advantage. It is clear that many website owners and developers remain blissfully unaware of mobilegeddon and the impact it has on website traffic.

Reports have been trickling in from all over the internet. Some webmasters have not noticed any change in their traffic levels. Some report small changes. Some report large changes. From what we've seen through the stats we're tracking, upgrading to a well built responsive design website is having a positive effect on our clients website analytics. The interesting bit from our perspective, is that we started seeing positive changes on many of the websites that have our mobile optimizations well before mobilegeddon as well as ones we've completed recently. It's not clear if the benefits are from changes to Google's algorithms or from having a new site with better SEO considerations, or if it's a combination effect.

At the end of the day, it doesn't matter that much. What is clear is, specifically from a website traffic perspective, we have not seen any of the sites we've upgraded being affected negatively. Further, visitors using their iPhones and iPads, Android phones and tablets, even Windows devices are now getting a better user experience. Websites that perform well on a wider array of devices are ahead of millions of websites that have ignored this mobile web evolution. Whether big search engines are prioritizing mobile friendly websites or not, there are benefits to upgrading. It is the correct thing to be doing.

Whether you've upgraded your website to responsive design or not, contact us and we'll check your site for free and let you know what we find. Otherwise, read more SEO Tips and News here on our blog!

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