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SEO Case Study: How DIY Articles Can Boost You Beyond Your SEO Ceiling

June 25th 2024

SEO Case Study: How DIY Articles Can Boost You Beyond Your SEO Ceiling

At SilverServers, we have the pleasure of working with a variety of clients to enhance their online presence and drive search engine traffic to their websites. One such client is Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning, a company that provides ceiling and wall cleaning services in the BC Lower Mainland. Over the years, we’ve helped Magic Mist climb the search engine rankings for its key services and locations. Today, we’d like to share a case study that highlights the power of DIY articles in boosting SEO and brand visibility beyond only your service-focused keywords.

Dominating Search Rankings with SEO and Blogging

Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning logoWhen Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning first partnered with us, their goal was clear: to become the top search result for ceiling cleaning services in the BC Lower Mainland. Through consistent SEO efforts and regular blog updates for a few years, we helped them achieve this. By targeting specific keywords and locations, Magic Mist began to dominate the search rankings for phrases like "ceiling cleaning services in Surrey" and "restaurant ceiling cleaning in Langley BC".

However, as they began to dominate these rankings, we faced a new challenge: how could we continue to grow their online presence and attract even more potential clients? The solution we arrived at was somewhat unconventional but highly effective – writing DIY ceiling cleaning articles.

The Power of DIY Content

At first glance, it might seem counterproductive for a small business to share DIY information about their services. After all, why would you tell potential clients how to do what you want them to hire you for? The answer lies in the broader benefits that DIY articles can provide.

Expanding Search Reach

One of the first DIY articles we wrote for Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning was about cleaning smashed bugs from walls and ceilings. This article, along with others like how to clean your ceiling fan, was designed to capture search traffic for DIY-related queries. The result? The article on cleaning smashed bugs quickly became the most visited page on their website.

By appearing in search results for DIY queries, Magic Mist was able to attract a new audience. People searching for DIY cleaning tips might not immediately become clients, but they become aware of Magic Mist’s brand. For those within Magic Mist’s service area, this visibility increases the chances they’ll think of Magic Mist when they do need professional cleaning services. Additionally, for visitors from outside the service area, it boosts the brand’s online presence and reputation. Rankings that go beyond your service area borders organically have a positive effect on your local SEO.

Brand Growth and Visibility

Publishing DIY articles does more than just bring in traffic; it grows your brand. Each time someone reads one of Magic Mist’s articles, they are exposed to the company’s branding and calls to action. This constant exposure helps to build brand recognition and trust. Even if the reader doesn't need professional cleaning services right away, they are more likely to remember Magic Mist when the need (or an opportunity to share a referral) arises.

Building Reputation as an Expert

By sharing detailed, helpful DIY content, Magic Mist positions itself as an authority in the cleaning industry. Readers appreciate businesses that provide valuable information without immediately asking for something in return. This goodwill can translate into increased trust and, eventually, more business. People are more likely to hire a company they perceive as knowledgeable and helpful.

Broadening Search Results Visibility

DIY articles help Magic Mist show up in a broader range of search results. Instead of only appearing in searches for professional cleaning services, they also appear in searches for DIY cleaning tips. This broad visibility can help attract a wider audience and drive more traffic to the website. Over time, this increased traffic can lead to higher overall search rankings.

Generating More Leads

While DIY readers might not all convert to customers, the increased traffic gives companies like Magic Mist more opportunities to capture leads. With strategically placed calls to action, such as newsletter sign-ups, contact forms, or suggestions to share a referral, companies like Magic Mist can turn DIY readers into potential clients or sources of referrals.

Encouraging Social Sharing

Helpful DIY articles are highly shareable. Readers who find the content valuable can be encouraged to share it on social media, further increasing reach. This social sharing can drive even more traffic to the website and enhance the company’s online presence.

Considering DIY Content for Your Business

If you're looking to grow your online presence and boost your SEO, consider incorporating DIY articles into your content strategy. These articles can attract a broader audience, build your brand, and establish your reputation as an expert in your field.

However, planning and writing these articles requires careful thought and execution. You need to provide genuine value while subtly promoting your services. This is where SilverServers can help. Our team of experienced writers and SEO specialists can assist you in creating a content strategy that leverages DIY articles to enhance your brand and drive traffic.

Grow Beyond Your SEO Ceiling

The SEO success of Magic Mist Ceiling Cleaning demonstrates the potential benefits of including DIY content in your SEO strategy. By providing valuable DIY information and expanding their search reach, they have not only grown their brand but also increased their website traffic and online visibility. If you're ready to explore the benefits of DIY articles for your business, contact SilverServers today. We're here to help you plan and create content that drives results.

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