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Websites, Brochures and TV Advertisements - Using Images to Create Consistent Marketing

November 26th 2015

Websites, Brochures and TV Advertisements - Using Images to Create Consistent Marketing

Occasionally, while designing websites for Kamloops businesses, we are provided some existing marketing materials. Most times the intention is that we use brochures and business cards, photos of vehicles and videos as a guide to help keep the look and feel of the website consistent with the rest of the businesses marketing efforts. It's a generally accepted concept that any marketing you do, whether it's online or offline, should be easily recognized and connected to your brand.

Something to consider any time you are getting new marketing materials created for print or web, is whether or not the images or designs being used are available for use across all of your media. For example, if you create a fancy menu for your restaurant that has an interesting graphic and you later want to use that to display your menu on your website, is that graphic available to you in a format that will work online? If it is, have you purchased the rights to use the graphic for your print and online needs?

Making sure you have the rights to use graphics and photos is not something a lot of small business owners are aware of. If you don't have the rights clearly sorted out it can lead to serious problems should the owner or rights-holder discover unauthorized use of the content. If you can, try and get the images sent to you in separate files that will work both for web and print and save them in a safe place along with any license information. By asking your graphic or website designer to provide you graphics and images licensed for all your uses, you can better protect your business and benefit from keeping your marketing consistent.

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