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What's Printing at SilverServers?

Watch a live feed of our 3D printers!
You are currently watching the printers from above. Why do we have these? As part of the prototype and development side of our business, we often have to create various physical items. You may have seen some of our 3D-printed cases as a part of the sensor program we show in some of our social media posts.

Another great benefit of having these is for "quick fixes" around the office. For example, if a shelf support were to break in our fridge, we could print another replacement part at a fraction of the cost of sourcing and installing the proper part. We can also increase the part's strength so it doesn't break again.

Our printers are sometimes used to provide us with some entertainment too. When COVID first broke out, we 3D printed a couple dozen little covid balls. Why? because we could!

Let us know if you need something printed!