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SilverServers September 2022 Newsletter

August 31st 2022

SilverServers September 2022 Newsletter

Welcome back to the SilverServers monthly newsletter! August has been a great month full of progress and summer fun. As September begins, check out what we have been up to!

Road Construction at the Kamloops Data Centre

Road construction on Lorne Street - between the Red Bridge and 10th St - is still in progress. The project is still slated to last until around October. Despite all of the construction, SilverServers is still accessible! Please let the flaggers know you’re coming to our office and they’ll let you through or tell you where is best to access the building from on that particular day. If you're turned away, please let us know. It helps us to know if visitors are being turned away. Also, we may have additional information for you.

Website Launches

ABDA is a content website where our content and SEO team can write articles on topics of interest that we want to write about. It provides us a place to practice our writing, try new things, and learn more about the effects of content writing on SEO. If you want to see what we’re writing about there, check out the new website!

SilverServers Services

Grassroots SEO for Wix

For years, we have been offering SEO services on our in-house CMS software, Paradigm. Recently, we've been able to find an easy way to integrate Wix's platform into our SEO reporting and analysis tools and are happy to be offering our GrassRoots SEO content and optimization plans for Wix customers. If you have a Wix website and you’re wondering if you could benefit from our SEO services, contact us for a free website review today!

QR codes are a great way to give visitors quick access to data or web pages. SilverServers has been taking advantage of this technology lately. Recently we built our own QR code generator software. Currently we’re using it to replace business cards with access to digital business cards - but there are dozens of other creative uses for QR codes. If you’re interested in getting your own QR codes set up, let us know and we may be able to help!

Email Services Update

During August, we completed significant updates to our Zimbra Email servers and additional updates are coming. If you’re looking for Kamloops- or Canada-based email services, contact us today for secure, quality email services using the most recent version of the Zimbra Collaboration Suite.

Our Website

OAuth Service -

To improve security for all of our tools and for accessing the data centre, our team has been working on building out our own OAuth system. This system allows users to securely sign in to one place, but then access all of the various SilverServers tools and systems that they have permission to access. There are currently three login options including password, image matching, and Google sign-in. Our goal is to add additional secure login options to help make accessing our systems as simple and secure as we can. It’s a great step forward in our system security!

Blog Category Intros

Our content writing team has been busy this month! In addition to starting the ABDA website and keeping up with client content requests, we have finished adding blog intros and interlinks on the SilverServers News page! Now it is far easier to find what you may be looking for in our blog!

SilverServers Tip of the Month

Over the past few weeks, we’ve noticed that something in Google’s rankings has shifted. Rankings are moving around a lot to show more local content from quality, authoritative sources. We’ve noticed this with our own website and others. Our tip this month is to write content for your website each month that answers the questions potential clients might have. A blog is a perfect place to do this! You may find yourself ranking in search results that you hadn’t before.

You’re up to date for the beginning of September! Head back to our blog for more SilverServers News.

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