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SilverServers October 2022 Newsletter

September 30th 2022

SilverServers October 2022 Newsletter

Welcome to the monthly SilverServers newsletter! Here you can get yourself up to date with your favourite Kamloops SEO and website services company.

Lorne St Construction

The construction work on Lorne St can sometimes change every day. So, like SEO, access to SilverServers has the potential to change every day. With this is mind, Extreme Excavating made us the helpful orange sign in the photo! If you’re wondering how to access SilverServers, look for Extreme Excavating’s sign!

Thanks for your patience as we do our best to keep business and meetings running as normal as possible.

What’s New?

Power System for Colocation RacksA few months ago we mentioned that we offer colocation services at the Data Centre here in downtown Kamloops. To provide the best colocation services possible, we’re upgrading the power system to colocation racks. It now includes power monitoring for each phase and easier access for our team. Check it out in the photo! We’ve name it Medusa.

Thanks to Maxwell Mechanical for their assistance with this upgrade!

IoT Sensors Project

We like our IoT Sensors and monitor them quite regularly. As of this month, many of the sensors crossed the threshold of 1 year of continuous service on a single battery. According to our data, it looks like they will continue operating for a while! We count that as a success for the project.

You can check out the website for our IoT Sensors project at

We’re Hiring!

SilverServers is looking for an administrative assistant. If you’re interested in becoming part of our team, and administrative work is up your alley, then check out some more details about the job on LinkedIn!

Our Website

Last month we mentioned that we’re building an OAuth system for logging into our development tools at We’re still making progress on that project! This month we gave the system the ability to manage our ability to login to Paradigm CMS on our website.

Website Review for Existing Clients

If you’re a SilverServers client currently, we want to let you know that at any time you can ask us for a website review. You might often see us offering “Free Website Reviews” to businesses throughout Kamloops - we’re happy to provide those for you too! If you would like to know how your website is ranking and performing, let us know! You can contact us by email or click the “Get a Free Website Review” button visible on your screen.

Email Service Update Note

During the past month, we finished upgrading all of our Zimbra servers to the most recent version of the Zimbra software. This is great for your email services! It may have also had a minor effect on your Zimbra web interface. If you’ve noticed any minor changes like ‘shared folders’ that have suddenly gone missing, please contact our email support team at We’re here to help!

SilverServers Tip of the Month (SEO)

The tip this month comes from the effects we’ve been seeing with our new content website, Last month, we reported launching the site as a place for our content writing team to practice writing SEO-friendly articles and learn about how different approaches and topics affect rankings. We’ve seen some notable effects! With that in mind, our tip this month is to keep adding content to your website’s blog or articles pages. The content should be focused on real keywords - including the location you want the page to rank in.

Thanks for checking out this month’s newsletter! You can find our past newsletters in the SilverServers News section of our blog.

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