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SilverServers Newsletter: June 2024

June 1st 2024

SilverServers Newsletter: June 2024

Welcome back to the SilverServers newsletter! Catch up with the team and find a tip of the month for your company’s online visibility.

New Team Member

This month Larissa joined our Billing team! We’re excited to work with her and look forward to her efforts to make the billing process easier for both us and our clients.

Hundreds of New Hard Drives Installed

During the past month, our colocation team stayed busy installing 1400 new hard drives into new servers here at the Kamloops data centre (that's approximately 28 million GB of memory!). It’s not often we see that many hard drives in one place at one time - it was an enormous task that we were pleased to complete!

If you want to know more about our data centre or colocation services, give us a call in Kamloops for more information.

Website Launches

In May, we launched 3 new websites:

  • Angry Cat Games is a growing collection of games that are enjoyable and easy to pick up and play for a few minutes. Whether you’re on the bus, unwinding from a long day, or waiting for an appointment, there’s a game here for you. Enjoy the game collection of this Kamloops-based game developer.

  • The EV Store is a parts supplier for new and used Tesla vehicles based in Kamloops, BC. Fuelled by a passion for Tesla’s pioneering spirit and transformative impact on the automotive industry, The EV Store was created to provide access to new and used Tesla parts as well as aftermarket parts tailored to the needs of all Tesla models.

  • Look Out Landscaping is a well-known Kamloops landscaping company. Established in 1993, they have over 30 years of experience providing garden care, lawn care, snow removal, yard renos, and more right here in Kamloops. We’re excited to begin working with these specialists to share their full-service landscaping services.

Social Media Moments

Our social media team has been hard at work helping clients make their companies more visible in Kamloops. Whether it’s simply regular posts, consultations, managing giveaways, responding to comments, or planning video content, we’re ready to help! We’re going to highlight Team110 this month:

    • Team110 - our social media team has been busy helping this Kamloops realtor team plan and post several videos for their social media pages. Check out Bobby’s videos on the Team110 Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn to learn about some exciting homes for sale in Kamloops and to find inspiration for your social media efforts. Give Team110 a like or a follow, then contact our team to get moving on your company’s social media dreams!

SilverServers Blog

The SilverServers blog remains active with interesting and helpful blog posts! Explore these articles posted in May:

Tip of the Month: Prepare Your Website for AI

With the growth of AI chat over the past year or two, the way that search engines read, interpret, and use website content has changed - and will continue to change. Additionally, with the help of AI, creating useful content for your website has never been easier.

An AI audit of your website will help you understand how your website is doing, how it may be seen by the bots sent to read it, and how you can improve it. Consider requesting an AI audit from the consultants at SilverServers.

For more tips, check out the Tip of the Month in our past newsletters. You can also find more in-depth tips and help in the General SEO Tips section of our blog.

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